Hypnotized to take her to the Prom – Preview – Hypnosis ASMR Rolplay

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Note: Hypnotist Daisy is a fast talker, she has a way of pushing her words deep inside your head, a very effective way of brainwashing someone. The material is worth half an hour so don’t mind the price to minute ratio, it will be well worth it. Daisy is senior year lap partner, you see her all the time and you have totally friend zoned her. It’s the end of the school year and Daisy is in your house studying with you for the finals. The two of you started talking, she wonders who you are taking to the prom. You being a trust fund baby and play football, you have several girls in mind for the prom. Daisy is a little jealous and wants you all to herself, but how? Turns out Daisy’s mom is a trance therapist, she notice you hare so tired after a long day, she suggested she should try brainwash therapy on you. Before you can agree, Daisy took you into a deep trance. She implants suggestion that you are deeply in love with her, you should always spoil her with your trust fund money, buying her gifts and giving her money, she reaches deep in your subconscious mind and plant seeds submission and obedience, and that every moment you grow more and more in love with her. She plants triggers on putting you back under her spell whenever she wants. Now it’s easy to make you take her to the prom, because Daisy is the only girl in your mind, now and forever blinded as her love slave. She then messed with your memory and made you forget you were ever under spell, but all the instructions she planted in your subconscious mind will stay forever. When you finally awaken, out of nowhere you asked Daisy to the prom, you are shocked at first but it all make sense because you realize you are deeply in love with Daisy. This role-playing session have realism in mind, it will feel like you were transported back to school senior year, talking to that girl you always wanted to take to the prom, asking what if that girl is a female mentalist and can twist your mind into doing her bidding.
Trance with benefit videos
These highly entertaining videos employ the idea of self improvement through role playing, as well as the concept of metaphorical healing in Ericksonian NLP. It is designed to make the viewer feel like they are in a personal or professional relationship with the on screen mentalist. When a life’s lesson is expressed through the lenses of these role playing relationship, it allows the viewer to experience their subconscious in a multiple facets and perspective.
These story based Hypnosis session offers a gentle approach to getting entranced, with the right amount of authoritarian and stage mentalist showmanship, the proverbial mind controlling language of “you must obey me”, “do whatever I tell you to do”; and an controlling twist, ending with suggestion that encourage you be a better person. Along with suggestions that helps you feel more focus at work, more confident, go work out, feel more relax… etc
Perfect, guilt free way to enjoy femdom brainwashing that’s good for you. You will be working hard and gain productivity while indulging in your favorite fantasy. With realism in mind, this is the perfect roleplay Hypnosis experience.

00:01 Hypnotist Daisy
01:15 Talking about the prom
02:30 Hypnosis
04:27 Hypnotist Ashleigh Cheerleader
06:24 Hypnosis
08:55 even deeper hypnosis
10:20 deeper for Ashleigh

hypnotherapy college education university カレッジ 大学
學院 大學
学院 大学
מכללה לאוניברסיטה
college universitari
колеџ универзитет
университетский колледж
collège universitaire
Hochschule, Universität,
de la universidad

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