Jennifer Hypnotized Nicole. Hypnosis Role play ASMR. Pocket Watch Induction.

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Hypnotist Jennifer Playlist
Hypnotist Nicole Playlist

Jennifer Hypnotized Nicole. Hypnosis Roleplay ASMR. Pocket Watch Induction.

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نوم مغناطيسي

The Meditation-Hypnosis Link

How are meditation and hypnosis similar? How are they different? And how does this help, especially if you’ve struggled to meditate before?

Long Live the Theocratic Doctor-Kings

Shamanism is an ancient, diverse, rich and sophisticated collection of practices. Is it really fair to call it hypnosis?

Just How Subtle Are Hypnotic Connections?

Some folks accuse the sceptical view of being less wonderful, beautiful and incredible. But with this hypnotic element, even the cynical take is miraculous.

Your Brain Is Listening – Language Tips for Health and Wellness

When you give your body instructions as to how to feel, your unconscious mind is listening attentively. And does its best to create what you want.

Humans Aren’t Samurai Swords

Here’s a long article on how science can lead you astray. This other approach follows the evidence to plugs science’s gaps.

Does Past-Life Hypnosis Work?

There’s a school of hypnosis that says you can – and should – relive past lives. Here’s the evidence for and against it.

Is Quantum Hypnosis the Real Deal?

Lots of folks say hypnosis creates change through principles of quantum physics. Are they right? And does it even matter?

Do You Bet on Chimps or Humans?

In a fight, who do you bet on? The answer isn’t so clear until you understand what the conflict is – then, it’s undeniable.

Straddling the Science/Pseudoscience Border

Hypnosis is science. Hypnosis is medicine. There’s no disputing that. So why does it attract some pseudoscientific theories?

Life-Changing Experiences Last How Long, Exactly?

It’s an odd question – partly obvious, partly meaningless. Yet there’s a version of this we hypnotists get asked all the time.

Trancus Interruptus

What happens when something interrupts your trance? Is it bad news for your suggestions… or even dangerous? Here’s the full scoop.

The Definition Of A Good Question

Questions like “Is it real?”, “Is the universe friendly or unfriendly?” or whatever may seem important at the moment come down to this ultimately, although it may seem a little extreme to some: Risk it all and get your answer, then you will know what is really going on behind it all. There are some things I get and so many I do not get. I will mean and say this though: Breakthrough times only come when we want them more than we want to breathe air after being submerged under water without it.

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