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A little humor to boost your day during these stressful times.
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Plant Mind Seeds Like A Kung Fu Master For Prosperous Cultivation

You can plant fear, or you can plant money. Or something else. Whatever you plant, it will grow.

How To Use Your Inherent Skills to Remote View Yourself

If you think remote viewing is nonsense, please stop reading now. Because there is something most people don’t even realize.

What Do Bees Know About Persuasion?

Bees don’t just hang out and make honey. They are advanced persuaders who know a good deal about influence.

Hypnosis: How Recalling a Past Life Can Unblock This One

Unexplained fears, limiting beliefs or emotional issues from a past lifetime may be blocking you from living a joyful life today! A Past Life Regression which is done though hypnosis can unblock or release subconscious issues or limiting beliefs that may have occurred in a past life. This specialized hypnotic therapy addresses and alleviates stumbling blocks which hold one back from realizing their life’s potential, fulling their dreams and living life joyfully!

The Good Cop Car Salesman Technique For Easy Persuasion

Most people hate buying cars. But you can learn a thing or two from those sleazy salesman.

Why Did He Choose Her Bra?

I thought I’d discovered the secret of the universe. But instead I learned a very powerful trick of manipulation.

Are You Vulnerable To Manipulation And Deception?

It’s great to let yourself be vulnerable. It’s horrible to have it happen without your decision.

What Is Hypnosis, Is It Right For Me?

It is safe to say that you are reading this article because you have a curiosity about hypnosis, a certain interest that you don’t want to tell anyone about, yet you still continue to seek out the answers to your questions. I appreciate your curiosity and I will do my best to explain hypnosis and then I will allow you to decide if it is the right method for you to achieve personal success. Let’s define Hypnosis as a natural phenomenon that we each experience every single day. It is a natural state of mind that allows us to make change at a subconscious level.

How To Apply The Godfather Principle For Easy Influence

How to use a timeless principle to obliterate fear. No horse head required.

Get Out Of Sleep – Leave Psychoma

People are deeply asleep and need to be disturbed. A psychoma is that type of waking sleep that acts as a consistent hypnotic state that most people live “normal life” with.

Who’s Pulling Your Strings?

Most people are being controlled by forces outside themselves. Once you learn what these force are, you can be the one pulling the strings.

Sneaking Down To The Money Seats For Amazing Success

How to get past obstacles and get to the good stuff. It’s a lot of fun.

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