Lady in trance 37 – Oxanna Hypnotized Hypnosis 催眠 Roleplay ASMR

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Every morning, Oxanna, a blonde college student with dreams as bright as her hair, woke up feeling unusually focused. Unknown to her, this newfound concentration was the work of her roommate, Bernie. With a talent for hypnosis, Bernie had found a way to help Oxanna, and perhaps himself a little too.

Each day began the same. Bernie, under the guise of friendly conversation, would use subtle hypnotic cues to influence Oxanna’s mind. As she listened, still drowsy from sleep, her mind became receptive to his suggestions. Bernie’s words were carefully crafted to boost her focus for school, ensuring she excelled in her studies.

But Bernie’s influence didn’t end there. Each evening, Oxanna found herself tirelessly doing all the household chores, never questioning why the burden fell solely on her shoulders. She would clean, cook, and organize, all while Bernie relaxed. It was a routine she never remembered agreeing to but felt compelled to follow.

Oxanna’s memory of these hypnotic sessions was non-existent. She merely followed Bernie’s implanted suggestions, unaware of their origin. To her, her dedication to studies and chores just seemed like her natural disposition, never realizing the subtle manipulation at play.

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