Mars Goes Direct Bringing Fresh Energy to Get Things Done

2020 has not been without its challenges. We have faced uncertainty as a collective, and continue to do so.

The best way to cope with uncertainty is to embrace it as part of life.

So what does the planet Mars have to do with it? The planet Mars has been retrograde since September 9th, and on November 13th it goes direct once again.

Since Mars is the planet of action and passion, what should you do during this time?

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Learn Mind Control – 5 Tips for Controlling Others Successfully

Anyone can learn mind control. It does not require above average intelligence or crazy conjuring. All you have to do is study and master the scientific side of this method for controlling others. Then you can readily use your skills to apply the art of persuasion in every social situation. You have to work hard to learn mind control. For this reason, you will need as much advice as you can possibly get to become a successful practitioner.

Hypnotize – A Guide to Pacing and Leading

Being able to hypnotize will certainly bring you a lot of benefits. However, this is a complex science that takes time to study and master. You have to be familiar with the fundamental step by step hypnosis process in order to apply effectively the different techniques. You have to build rapport with the subject. Then you have to reach his subconscious mind by bypassing the conscious mind. The final step is to make embedded commands.

Hypnotic Mind Control – 5 Powerful Tips for Success

What can hypnotic mind control give me, if I use it? This is a perfectly natural question to ask and it has many answers. Hypnotic mind control over others can give you significant self improvement, success in your career and a better personal life. Basically, it can give you everything, provided that you know how to get it. This method for influencing and persuasion uses covert hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) tactics. The persuasion process has three main stages – building rapport, getting the subject into a state of trance and making subliminal commands that the person will act upon.

Hypnosis – 3 Powerful Techniques for Each Stage of the Hypnosis Process

Hypnosis is a psychological state that is scientifically defined. It cannot be achieved though conjuring or making someone have a magical drink. The advanced hypnotist uses psychological techniques for influencing his subject. For the practitioner, hypnosis is a three-stage process. You start by building rapport. You go on to reach the subconscious mind of the subject. Then you make your suggestions.

Four Reasons Why You Would Want To Learn Self-Hypnosis

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding self-hypnosis. Traditional medical practitioners call it radical because they do not trust with the promising results which clinical studies claim to hold. Nevertheless, a lot of younger generation doctors have faith that the self-hypnosis approach will pave the way to faster results and more positive outcomes in the field of medicine.

Finding Your Personal Haven Through Self-Hypnosis

Stress gets the best of us every time. It is an unavoidable situation when all the problems and pressures are in our plates at the same time. We sometimes question why we have to experience such ordeals when we always give it our best at work, at school, or at home. Thing is, we cannot have the best of everything all the time.

Curing Insomnia With Self-Hypnosis

One of the well-documented benefits of self-hypnosis is well-rested sleep. Insomniacs have found in the fact that self-hypnosis can instantly cure them of this stressful disorder. There are a lot of reasons why people experience insomnia. There is stress, problems, underlying disease process, and stress again. People are bombarded with stress at work and personal problems at home that it stops them in enjoying a good night sleep.

Pamper Patients With Self-Empowerment Through Self-Hypnosis

There are certain diseases which cripple and debilitate not only a body parts, but also destroys the confidence and will that they have. Chronic and serious diseases like cancer and immune system disorders almost always bring the worst out of people. These chronically ill patients become weaker by the second and no amount of medicine can lift up their spirits high. Clinical specialists are constantly finding ways on how to combat depression and lack of motivation on the part of patients.

Kick Smoking Habits Using Self-Hypnosis

The worldwide campaign of how people should quit smoking was able to hit a majority of smokers. There have been a lot of speculations if visual ads in cigarette packs can actually motivate people to stop smoking. According to a recent poll, almost 60% of current smokers are finding ways on how they can actually kick the habit once and for all and lead a healthier life.

Become The Best Athlete That You Can Be Through Self-Hypnosis

Dreams and aspirations seem to be far-fetched and unreachable at times. We dream of becoming the best in our respective fields. It is very difficult to pull these off, especially when you know that there are a lot of people who fancy the same things that you like. A classic example would be professional athletes. They all have the same vision, the same set of goals.

Does Self Hypnosis Work? The Secret to a Better Life

In this article we’re going to be answering the simple question “does self hypnosis work?” And the simple answer is that as a way to tap into your artistic and creative powers… YES IT DOES!

How Self-Hypnosis Can Change Your Life

Whatever problems you are experiencing right now, remember that they have solutions. I firmly believe that we humans are equipped with the most important tool there is-our minds. Self-hypnosis enables us to enhance the power of our minds and use it as an instrument for positive change.

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