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Fall asleep fast! Most people would not last a minute staring at Hypnotist Kimberley’s pocket watch. Just stare at the center of the swinging pocket watch and anyone will fall asleep very quickly. If you are suffering from insomnia watch this video. Share this video if you know anyone who need help going sleep.
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NLP Takes Your Life to New Levels of Success

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was initially created in 1975 by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, who began modeling and duplicating the “magical results” of a few top communicators and therapists. Since then, many others have contributed to the growth and development of the field.

What is Hypnotherapy?

When people think of hypnosis, many people just think of the shows where a hypnotist has people from the audience do silly things they would never do otherwise. However, there are a number of more useful things that can be done through hypnosis by a properly trained professional. Hypnotherapy can be helpful in treating a number of different conditions.

How Hypnotherapy Works

Ever wonder how Hypnotherapy and Hypnotherapy treatment works? Find out here.

Is There Humour in Your Hypnotherapy Training?

Hypnotherapy and hypnotherapy training are places where humour should exist… Please read on and let me explain how and why. Thank you.

What is a Subliminal Message?

Now to understand the concept of a subliminal message, what you need to do is to really know how the mind works and what you need to understand about it. The whole basis on how the subliminal message works goes through a reverse engineering of the brain and its own processes and this is what the editorial would be concentrating on today.

Hypnosis For Children – 7 Outstanding Benefits From Child Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for children has brought about many benefits. Child Hypnotherapy, although very new, has proven to be a very worthy alternative treatment for many disorders. Among the many benefits of child hypnosis, 7 are listed here.

Hypnosis – Use Trance to Stop Anxiety

Trance can be learned quite easily. If you are willing to practice just a few minutes a day will find going into trance in just moments will be easy to do.

Hypnosis to Help You Quit Smoking

What is self-hypnosis? Answers and the history of where and how hypnosis started and how it can help everyday normal people to manage stress, get over phobias, kick a habit or give motivation and personal development.

Burn the Burn Outs

The life of a human being is particularly fascinating to scientists and researchers alike. Research in various countries has proved that the human mind is capable of endless possibilities, some that may not even have been discovered to date. However, it is best to discuss and state what is known and proved rather than delve into realms of the unknown.

Hypnosis – Most Effective Way to Overcome Anxiety

Hypnosis is one of the most effective and calming therapies available today to help people overcome anxiety. The use of imagery as well as other techniques the client can use when he/she is having difficulty in their life can be a personally empowering experience. Whether the anxiety is of recent onset or reflective of long-term difficulties, hypnotherapy can be highly effective.

Free Hypnotherapy Script – Imagery For Dreaming in Trance

Here is a free hypnotherapy script using an Imagery technique to help a person launch a dream during their trance. Also find information about becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist and a free hypnotherapy MP3.

Fear Factor – How to Get Over Your Fear Using Hypnosis Mind Control

Adventure is a feeling that all of us have in varying proportions. Some of us like to go the whole hog – doing rock climbing, doing mountaineering, doing paragliding, doing sky diving and battling the rapids of a wild river. Whereas, some of us just like to stick to a few tried and tested routines.

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