Mercury Retrograde: What you Need to Know to Navigate it with Ease

Instead of getting anxious about Mercury Retrograde, remember the saying β€˜forewarned is forearmed’ and get to know the details of what this 3-week period means astrologically so that you can be ready to navigate the flow with ease.


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How to Become a True Hypnotist: 5 Steps to Help You Dive in the Magical World of Hypnosis

As a hypnosis specialist for more than 10 years now, I feel I am able to write a little something useful, especially for those who haven’t yet dived in the magical realm of hypnosis! So, in this article I will try to clear the field for you and tell you exactly what you will need to have to emerge as a real hypnotist. Yep, a person that could quite possibly hypnotize the brain of others and… make them obey covert commands during a conversation. Let’s start!

Conversational Hypnosis Is NOT for Everyone

Conversational Hypnosis is truly an art within communication. This is an art that can and should be used to assist in a variety of group settings to help others become cohesive and attain a common goal. But, can be used negatively also.

Self Hypnosis – Do You Make These Mistakes When Doing Self-Hypnosis?

Many people think that self-hypnosis doesn’t work for them. “I’ve tried it, but it did nothing for me.” However, in almost all cases, there’s a reason why this didn’t work: the false application of self-hypnosis. You’re going to learn the most common mistakes people make when using self-hypnosis, how to avoid them, and how to use the power of hypnosis to improve the area of your life that matters most to you.

Are Subliminal Messages in Songs Real?

Subliminal messages are messages that we generally never notice, but we still receive. But, there are subliminals that are constantly aimed at us which we miss time and time again. Those messages thrown at us constantly are the ones we receive by our favorite musicians.

Subliminal Messages Throughout History

Subliminal messages are becoming all the rage in the last dozen years or so. They came to attention of people mostly because of the internet and the way it is used to exchange information. Although their history is fairly short, as they came to attention of scholars in 1957, they had a massive impact on all of our lives.

You Can Overcome Stage Fright with Hypnosis

Even famous singing stars can feel terrified when invited to perform live at major events. Panic and insomnia set in. Why would that be when they have performed live so many times? Some performers take beta-blockers but visiting a hypnotherapist to calm nerves and overcome stage fright might be a better option.

Life Changing Conversations Using Metaphors

We use about six metaphors per minute on average in the English language. Metaphors are stories told with a purpose which allows us to bypass conscious resistance in order to make connections at a deeper level. Why? Because all learning and change occurs at the unconscious level.

You Can Control Your Alcohol Consumption With Hypnosis

For confirmed alcoholics, total abstinence from alcohol may be the only option. However, for many, controlled drinking or moderated drinking may be the goal. I want to help the people who have crossed the line or are concerned that they may be about to.

3 Ways NLP Can Help You Be More Successful

NLP is the acronym for Neuro Linguistic Programming; the study of excellence and the study of excellence in communication (with yourself and others) in order to create the results you want! If you are looking to make personal changes and are ready to make a difference in your life or in the lives of others, explore the many facets of NLP.

Is NLP Worth the Investment?

NLP is a body of knowledge that has been around since the 1970s, it has many advocates and it has some strong critics. We discuss the perceptions around NLP and the reasons for the criticisms.

How Subliminal Messages Stop Your Nail Biting

If your nails look bad because of your constant nervous habit of biting them, you may turn to subliminal audio messages to help you. What Are Subliminal Audio Messages? Basically, they are messages that can help you influence yourself by sending positive subliminal affirmations to influence the subconscious mind, the part of your mind that controls your behavior and emotions.

Advantages of Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming became popular during the early part of the 1970s. This was a system that was created and developed with the aim of changing the attitude and behavior of people in order for them to improve for the better. The concept upon which this program was built includes the use of language which was structured in relation to the behavior being modeled. There have been several applications of NLP like in business, in sports, in improving health and in enhancing learning abilities. Those who would like to modify their attitudes and behavior may consult with NLP professionals who are qualified and who are properly trained.

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