NEW! Tempo Massage hypnosis. Softly spoken ASMR for sleep with Maggie. Insomnia cure!

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New! Found this never published footage before from the fabulous Hypnotist Maggie. Your brain will literally melt listening to Maggie’s voice, it will literally be like your mind is not there anymore. Perfect voice to fall asleep with sweet dreams.

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How to Hypnotize Someone Instantly With Sleep Hypnosis

To hypnotize someone instantly is not difficult but having confidence in yourself to do so is important to your success. Hypnosis can be applied to anyone in a few easy steps. First, make sure your environment is conducive for proceeding to hypnotize your subject.

How to Hypnotize Someone Instantly

Hypnotizing someone instantly can not be done forcefully. Furthermore, human beings can not be directed on our own set conditions. Surgeon James Braid of Scotland revived the word “hypnosis” in the mid 19th century, which means “sleep” in Greek methodology, but before his attempt, this logic was practiced to motivate people to obtain knowledge on performing instant and indirect hypnotism.

The Fear of Travelling Script

Some clients have this phobia of travelling in different types of transportation, maybe a plane or a ferry. This problem is particularly troublesome for those who are into frequent travelling.

Crystal Mountain

This is a conventional hypnosis treatment script for clients who have the problem of letting go of their troublesome pasts. This is a general metaphor used for clients who have anguish and fretfulness caused by an unpleasant childhood or some other disturbing past events.

Learning Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy – What to Look Out For and What to Avoid

Literally hundreds of different approaches and methods are used in the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. A very diverse range of courses and training programs flourish in many countries, teaching students their particular versions and ideas. Courses range from ‘beginners’ to advanced levels and some of these programs are set up so that you can keep attending until you run out of money. Care is needed when choosing a course, as many programs teach old-fashioned ideas that do not relate well to modern, professional, clinical practice. Please read on to discover some very important things to consider if you are contemplating learning hypnosis or hypnotherapy.

Dealing With Rejection? How To Handle Rejection With An Empowering Response

Dealing with rejection is a natural part of life but responding to it in a healthy and empowering way isn’t natural. We naturally respond to rejection in a negative emotional way and by doing that, many times, we sabotage ourselves. In our professional and personal life, learning how to deal with rejection using neuro-linguistic programing (NLP) can be one of the keys to success in life.

Should Hypnotherapists Touch Their Clients? If Someone Is In Hypnosis, Can We Touch Them?

With so many people reacting in so many different ways to touch, how do hypnotherapsts decide who and how to touch? This article explores whether people should be touched when they are hypnotised and what considerations hypnotherapists should take into account before touching a client.

Mesmer and Hypnosis: What Is The Relationship Between Mesmerism and Hypnosis?

For many people, Mesmerism is hypnosis. Mesmer must have at the very least been moderately influential, he did after all have a noun and adjective named after him!

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions With Hypnosis!

If you are one of the people who always make a New Year’s resolution – then never stick to it – you are not alone. In fact, most people fail at actually keeping their New Year’s resolutions. Sure, deciding to quit smoking or lose weight sounds great on New Year’s Eve. But, by Valentine’s Day, you’re back to your same old habits.

Should Hypnosis Be Used To Recover Memories? Can Hypnosis Induce False Memory Syndrome?

In the past hypnosis has been used to elicit memories from people for legal matters and therapeutic purposes. For many years also, those memories elicited in hypnosis were deemed to be absolutely correct due to hypnosis being used. Today however, as our knowledge has grown, we know more about the nature of memory and hypnosis. This article explores whether hypnosis should actually be used to recover memories and if it is used, how useful is the information gleaned?

Questioning The Use of Regression In Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is associated by many with regression therapy. Though is it as useful or as beneficial as some people would have you believe? This article explores the potential problems with using regression in hypnotherapy.

How Hypnosis Works – What You Need to Know to Hypnotize Someone

There are two views on what exactly hypnosis is. There are some things that are key to both views. In this article I talk about how someone goes about getting into a trance regardless of which view you take on hypnosis. These things are important to know if you are just starting out in hypnosis.

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