Random Female Hypnotist 32- Hypnotist Oxanna. ASMR

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Hypnotist Oxanna taking care of business with her pocket watch. A little humor in this stressful time.

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نوم مغناطيسي

The Car or Reincarnational Statism

This article is basically an interpretation of a dream my Mom told me about that she had. Sit tight, this will be quite an allegorical ride: So, here is the basis of the dream, I miss a car ride to “success” or “the cure” that everyone else that are “winners” or “genuinely special” is taking by talking on the phone across the street seemingly oblivious to what is “happening”. With that said, I begin this article.

Patience And Gratitude

The best qualities to have are patience and gratitude. Although we cannot always have them, they are great to have. Life and death are in those qualities, and if we do not cultivate gratitude, we are on a genuine death curve, for not being grateful for each blessed breath leads ultimately to that.

In The Land Of The Living

The land of the living is for those who pay effort for what they want genuinely, otherwise without a proper goal and effort behind your life, you really are the living dead. With that dramatic statement, indeed, I begin this article.

Take Them Up, Take Them Down, Take Them All Around (We All End Up In The Same Place)

Enlightenment is someplace we all end up ultimately. We all take different roads to it though. Some long, some short, some bumpy, some smooth, some interesting and some boring. Indeed, though, we all end up in the same place ultimately.

All Change Is Loose Change

Life is change, and that is really meant loosely in this way: Everybody goes through strife and change, however well they try to hide it from themselves and others, and changes are usually not planned, but immediate or “loose”. With that said, I begin this article.

The Fantastic Life

All right, the great lived life is one that is fully understood, yet never boring. With that dramatic sweep of a statement, I begin this article. Mastery, we all want it. But, only when we are willing to develop it through repetition and work on what we want to genuinely master do we get it.

The Struggle Of The Magicians (To Make It)

Everyone wants to make life look easier than it really is to cause amazement in others at best, envy in others at worst. To put this phenomenon in a shorter, more simple way: People want to make life look more magical and wonderful than it is really. The phenomena comes down to Michelangelo’s saying, “If you knew how much work went into it, you wouldn’t call it genius.” I mean think about it.

How to Suck at Marketing and Get Clients Anyway

If the thought of writing long sales letters scares you, relax. By getting one tiny element right, you can know that your message works. Even if the rest of it sucks, you’ll still succeed.

Hypnosis Clients Don’t Care About Hypnosis

Your clients don’t want to see a hypnotist. It’s nothing personal – it’s the same across all industries. Learn what they want to attract more clients than ever.

Why Hypnotic Resistance Is Nothing to Brag About

Being “too mentally strong” to be hypnotised is nothing to brag about. It doesn’t even make sense. The best moments come from being open to new thoughts and experiences.

The Principal Skinner Guide to Web Design

If you’re designing a website for a hypnosis business, you should take inspiration from Principal Skinner. When used correctly, blandness is the most important thing your website could have.

What It’s Like to Be More Unconscious

The more in tune with your unconscious you are, the more peak experiences you have. This is the ultimate upgrade to your own mind.

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