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Rona is a psychologist educated in Russia, we ask her to show us how hypnosis is done in Moscow.

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What is the Definition of Covert Hypnosis?

You are likely familiar with the hypnosis that you see on stage or on television. You know the kind, the kind where a hypnotist is able to have people sit in a chair and then supposedly turn them into chickens, and things like that. You may often ask yourself “Is that real, or is the hypnotist just using actors?” It is very real, but there is a much more advanced form of hypnosis that can be used in your every day life on people without them being aware of it at all. And this field is known as “covert hypnosis”.

How Language Can Impact on Reality

Let’s consider the NLP term, ‘The map is not the territory’, and what this means to the concept of reality. This term basically means that the way you experience the world, might not necessarily be the way the world is OR there is no reality, only perception. ‘Out there’ is simply your view of the world and because of your upbringing, beliefs, socio-economic standing and prejudices, this may differ from everyone else’s view of the same landscape. So what is really real? It probably depends on the observer. We understand from wave-particle duality that all matter and energy exhibits both wave-like and particle-like properties depending on how they are observed, so what would be an accurate description of this reality?

Hypnosis – Is it a Rip Off?

What is hypnosis? This is one question that has perplexed many a layman. Hypnosis is a state of inner concentration and focused attention. It is the state, in which the electrical activity in the brain is reduced to the alpha range (8-13 Hz) conversational hypnosis. A healthy human brain operates in four different states, which are determined by the electricity generated by the exchange of chemicals in the neural pathways. The four states of the human brain are…

The Art of Hypnosis – How to Hypnotize Effectively

Hypnosis is a thrilling practice; it allows you to bend the mind in ways that are unimaginable to most people. Previously it had been believed by most that people had to be willing participants for hypnosis to be effective. However with the practice of instant hypnosis is being revolutionized.

How to Manipulate People Without Them Even Realizing It

Many business owners and sales professional spend the majority of their time talking to prospects. Their ability to secure a sale is directly dependent on their ability to effectively communicate the benefits of their product or service. That is the reason why many successful professionals are always learning new communication skills. One such skill is the art of Covert Hypnosis or Conversational Hypnosis. How to manipulate people without them even realizing it? This article will reveal the hidden secrets of linguistic hypnotism.

Seduction Hypnosis – Attract the Woman of Your Dreams With Seduction Hypnosis

The art of hypnosis has been used for many years to cure numerous psychosomatic related illnesses. Hypnotism has been proven to be able to influence a person thought and action. Because of that reason, men are really keen to study the techniques of seduction hypnosis to attract the woman of their dreams.

How to Hypnotize Your Wife Through a Casual Conversation

Most married couples have a blissful year when they first get married. After some time, both man and wife would start to annoy each other from their everyday actions. Even simple act of watching television together can end up in a silly argument. She may want to watch the latest drama while you want to watch a golf tournament. Both would be fighting to get control on the remote.

Hypnosis Schools – Not an Option

Anyone interested in hypnosis probably thinks that hypnosis schools are their best option for learning the trade, it’s a reasonable assumption but not necessarily correct. What then is a better alternative to hypnosis schools? Online learning of course. Online learning is the future of education not only for its convenience and lower cost but also for the breath of knowledge available that is otherwise inaccessible from traditional learning institutions.

Learn Hypnosis Free? – No Such Thing

You simply can’t learn hypnosis free. Anything of value in this world has a price, and the secrets that can be imparted by a quality hypnosis course will never be given away for free.

Hypnotized? – Hypnosis Unmasked

In order to really become a master of hypnotized hypnosis it is essential to fully understand what the term means, and make peace with your expectations before undergoing any sort of training. You need to understand what exactly draws you to hypnosis and what form of hypnosis you want to learn.

Learning Hypnotic Hypnosis

Hypnotic hypnosis is a way to gain personal power over your own mind and the minds of others. There are many different forms of hypnosis, but the most powerful and indeed the most difficult to master is a form of instant hypnosis. Instant hypnosis allows you to take control of another person’s mind within mere seconds of starting the techniques.

Secret Art of Conversational Hypnosis to Attract Any Women

Is it possible to use covert hypnosis to attract any women and make them fall in love with us? Most guys are busy working all weekdays and have very limited time on the weekend to go out and meet a woman. If he does meet a woman of his dream, she may not be interested in him. The whole cycle of “cat and mouse” game between a man and a woman would not be such a problem if he knows the secret art of covert hypnosis.

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