Samantha Deeply Hypnotized-can’t resist hypnosis, eye roll, struggle to stay awake.

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Hypnosis! While visiting the west coast, we ran into this gorgeous athletic young lady who really want to try hypnosis. We took her deep and explore all kinds of trance experience, pocket watch induction, trigger re induction, mind drained, mindless, zombie state, eyelid stuck, forget name, given a different name, memory replaced, plus a lot more! Unfortunately our camera was experiencing battery issues throughout the trip, there were a few technical things that we wish to do over, and the camera cut out mid way. Samantha really enjoyed her experience under hypnosis, we plan to hook up with her again the next time we are in the same location.
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نوم مغناطيسي

The Greatest Wake Up Call (Is Subtle)

“The person who believes they are not brainwashed really are the most asleep of all.” This article starts out with a quote I hear from many awakened people, because so many do not realize that they are being controlled on the outside and inside by things they are supposedly controlling and working with.

Feminization Hypnosis – LIPSTICK TRIGGER SCRIPT

PRE-SESSION Before you start this session, there is something I would like you to do. Get your make up bag. Take out your favorite lipstick. Hold it in your hand for a few moments. Feel its weight, shape, and surface. Then, take a closer look at it. Notice its color and shape. Suddenly, a thought crosses your mind: ‘This lipstick is my friend’, you think. ‘The two of us have a really good relationship.’ Feel a smile spread across your face, and happiness take a hold of your heart.

Best Feminization Hypnosis – The Inner Women

The Deepener Inhale deeply. As you exhale, feel how tension dissolves and your muscles become soft and heavy, sinking into the surface beneath you. Take another deep breath, and send it through all the places in your body that still feel tight. Feel how the air sweeps up tensions and knots, and as you exhale, sends them all out of your body, far far away, while your body relaxes even more, and your softened tissue sinks even more deeply into the surface beneath you, melting into it like warm wax.

Emotional Eating Hypnosis – Do You Forget When You Last Ate?

Do you forget when you last ate and find yourself eating just to feel full? (Living alone requires a self discipline that is hard to maintain.)

The Emotional Eating Hypnosis – Another Dieting or Exercise Plan?

The Emotional eating hypnosis Each time you look at your body, there is something missing. The shape of a woman is still not there. You had already had liposuction done and were not pleased with the results. Exercise and diet have been helpful. You have also investigated and learned about various medical and other procedures for butt and hip enhancements but have not as yet proceeded. All you need is the shape of a woman.

Weight Management Hypnosis – Feelings of Lightness

Welcome to a place that can help you help yourself. Turn of your cell phone or anything else that may interrupt you, and find a comfortable place to relax. As you listen to my voice during this session you will gain a greater awareness of your inner strength, your vision, and your ability to manifest whatever it is that you desire.

Hypnotic Feminization – Why You Cannot Accept Yourself As Women? (And How to Create Acceptance)

If you want to become feminized and accept yourselves as women and this has been the trouble for them and within this article we will take a deep look into the problem Why you are not able to accept yourself as woman – As you know the matter is bit complex here, it is complex because of the social conditioning and condemnation. Social conditioning and condemnation doesn’t exist for you it exists for everyone.

Hypnosis Script “Secret Room” Stop Dieting & Overeating – Break Out of the Vicious Circle

Take a nice, deep breath. Let it out. Let the tension move out of your shoulders and out of your neck. Another nice, deep breath. Good, let this one out, release a little bit more tension. Feel your body beginning to sink.

Excited Feminization Hypnosis: Turns Me On!

You can feel how your body wants to push against your fingers and turn inside-out to get every last bit of pleasure it can possible achieve. You rub, slide and swirl, rub harder and more swiftly. Your roller coaster ride of excitement is now in full swing. You can take this feeling anywhere you like as long as you bring your lipstick. You can revive it any time. Remember. All you need is lipstick.

Free Weight Loss Hypnosis Script – Eating Can Be a Wonderful Experience

Beginning now, you will find that you are able to eat with respect for your own self, slow and calm. You will know that there is no hurry, there is plenty of time to eat your meal.

Free Relaxation Weight Loss Hypnosis Script – Emotional Eating

Extend your right arm out in front of you, parallel to the floor. Focus on only your arm, and my voice. Imagine that you feel the weight leaving your arm. It becomes lighter, lighter, lighter still until your arm feels as if it is floating up, weightless, like a balloon. It is getting lighter and lighter, floating up, floating. It feels completely weightless now, like a feather in the breeze.

Feminization Hypnosis – How to Create a Concrete Solid Self Image? (As a Female?)

What is self image? Your self image is simply a reflection. A reflection of what others say you are. And if you really think about it, you’ll believe that this is true.

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