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Daisy was the epitome of beauty, with her long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She was the envy of all the girls at her high school, and the object of every boy’s affection. But Daisy had a secret, a power that she kept hidden from everyone else. And that power was hypnosis.

She discovered her ability to hypnotize people by chance, when she was trying to calm her friend’s nerves before an important test. With just a few soothing words and a gentle touch, her friend went from being a bundle of nerves to completely relaxed and focused. That’s when Daisy realized she had a special gift.

But instead of using her powers for good, Daisy decided to use it for her own personal gain. She was tired of studying and working hard for good grades, when she knew she could just hypnotize her way to the top. And her first target was her Asian male professor, Mr. Bernie.

Mr. Bernie was known for being a strict grader, with high expectations for his students. He was also the only one who taught advanced studies in the school, and Daisy needed to pass his class in order to get into the prestigious university of her dreams. So, she put on her sailor moon uniform, which never failed to captivate and distract her male professors, and made her way to Mr. Bernie’s office.

Once inside, Daisy turned on her charm and started talking to Mr. Bernie about his recent trip to Asia. She asked him if he had learned any interesting techniques during his travels, to which he eagerly replied yes. This was all part of Daisy’s plan. She knew Mr. Bernie had been hypnotized before and was open to the idea. So, when she asked him to teach her some of those techniques, he happily obliged.

Little did he know, Daisy had already started to subtly hypnotize him during their conversation. She used a combination of her words, her beauty, and a few well-placed touches to put him under her spell.

Daisy then asked Mr. Bernie to grade her recent exam. As he looked through it, she implanted suggestions in his mind, telling him to give her a perfect score and to forget about ever grading her unfairly. He did as he was told, and to his surprise, he found no mistakes in her exam. He couldn’t believe she had done so well, but he couldn’t deny the evidence in front of him either.

Feeling victorious, Daisy decided to take it one step further. She used her hypnotic powers to make Mr. Bernie forget about their encounter altogether. But she didn’t stop there. She also stole his laptop, knowing it contained all the grades for his students. And with her new-found power, she changed the grades of her friends, making sure they all passed with flying colors.

The next day, when Mr. Bernie handed out the graded exams, Daisy’s classmates were shocked to see that they had all received perfect scores. And when they asked her how she did it, she just shrugged and said she was lucky.

From that day on, Daisy was at the top of her class in all subjects. Her grades were impeccable, and her classmates couldn’t understand how she had managed to achieve such success. But Daisy knew her secret, and she reveled in it.

As for Mr. Bernie, he remained under Daisy’s control forever. He never suspected a thing and continued to teach his classes as normal, unaware of the beautiful senorita who had hypnotized him and stolen his laptop. Daisy had won, and she had no intention of letting go of her newly acquired power.

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