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Hypnotist Jennifer is back in this mysterious yet relaxing roleplay hypnosis session. How deep in trance would you drop for Hypnotist Jennifer?

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Socializing and Enjoying Yourself Without Alcohol

Are you someone who cannot or does not like to drink alcohol? Have you ever found yourself in a social setting and felt pressured or uncomfortable because you could not or did not drink? Read on and discover some great methods to socializing and enjoying yourself without alcohol (or other substances).

The False Hypnosis Of Serious Life And The Thrill Of Being Genuinely Relaxed

Life is a game at its best. When you seriously think about it that way, no matter what, you can genuinely relax. A serious situation or a whimsical situation is just that, a situation to win or lose in. You are more likely to win when you are relaxed and alert without matter to what the situation is.

4 Mini-Secrets To Increasing Your Confidence In Less Than 7 Minutes

Being in a position where I’ve talked to hundreds of guys about having success with women, I am amazed at the percentage of guys who have severe confidence problems. It’s not like they’re depressed or anything like that. They’re just “not taking action” and they don’t understand why.

The Candle Flame

I have decided to write a classic article on hypnosis and all related subjects. Have you ever watched a candle flame so intently that you went into a reverie? Well, you were using hypnosis on yourself and now you realize it, and you were giving yourself past life therapy without realizing it. I will explain what I mean in this article.

NLP In Training

NLP helps sales trainees to become professional communicators. A professional communicator is someone whose living or income depends on his or her ability to communicate effectively with other people. In sales, the income that a sales representative earns is in direct proportion to the amount of sales that he closes. The amount of sales, in turn, depends largely on communication skills.

Reprogramming Yourself At The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Learn self-hypnosis at the comfort of your own home. This article discuss the many ways self-hypnosis can help you achieve goals and break bad habits, why many people don’t go to a hypnotherapist’s office, and the best way to learn self-hypnosis at minimal cost.

How to Build in Creative Visualisation to Your Meditation or Self-Hypnosis

Creative visualisation – what is it? Well basically it’s a story or part of a story, the building up of an image within your mind. Let’s face it, we all love stories which is why we spend so much time watching TV and going to see a good film, because we are transported to another place.

Scripts Hypnosis – The Tips

This article will help you in knowing more about scripts hypnosis and how can you write efficient script hypnosis. Scripts hypnosis is basically a script written down by the person who wants to use hypnosis upon him for getting rid of a bad habit or problem or these scripts are also formulated by hypnotists to use hypnosis on their subjects to eradicate their bad habit.

NLP Techniques – Who Is Your Biggest Obstacle to Success?

Would you be surprised to learn that it could be you. Too many people are their own biggest obstacle to success and they may not even be aware of it. This article explores how our beliefs and values can make the difference between success and failure and offers solutions to break the cycle.

Self-Improvement – Dazzling White Teeth and Amazing Smile Through Hypnotic Visualizations

Have you ever wanted to improve something about your appearance? Maybe you researched and even figured out what you needed to do and how long it would take. Yet, after just a few days or weeks you stopped short of your goal. I am a big believer in methods that encourage you to tale small steps everyday to reach your goals because that has proven the best results for myself and others.

Reprogram Your Subconscious by Gale Glassner Twersky

This program utilizes the power of hypnosis to dig into deepest layers of your subconscious mind and change everything about the way you feel, think, and interpret events and information. People have successfully applied the power of hypnosis to their lives for a variety of reasons in the past and have almost always achieved great results.

Hypnosis – A Way Into the Unconscious or Something to Fear?

Many successful people get stuck when tackling something new or outside of their comfort range. For many there is a negative “voice” running in the back of the mind causing the upset. There is a way to change the negatives messages that “take you down.” learn how to create an ideal state for quickly getting to the underlying issues that cause self-doubt, fear and stress reactions. (I use a combination of Classical and Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.)

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