Stage Hypnosis Experience 2 – Halloween Party with Larissa. Preview. #hypnosis #hypno #nlp
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Do you find yourself fascinated with the stage hypnosis experience? Do you always wanted to volunteer but never got the chance? Do you wonder what it feels to be hypnotized on stage but don’t want your friends to see you doing silly acts?

Hypnotist Larissa will give you this once in a lifetime experience in the privacy of your own home! Enjoy Amber’s high potency hypnosis while knowing our clinically graded code of ethics are carefully observed. This session is mix of silly stage show humor with carefully designed direct suggestion.

This is a Halloween special hypnosis show, Hypnotist Larissa will make you do all kind of freaky things on stage, at the comfort of your own home. Lots of body control suggestions and triggers. What would Hypnotist Larissa make you do? Turn you into a mannequin? Maybe a mystical animal? Maybe make you her zombie? We don’t want to ruin the surprise by telling you too much, buy this hour long video and enjoy stage hypnosis in the privacy of your own room.

Hypnotist Larissa starts the show the same way a stage hypnotist would do, making a few jokes, and finding a few volunteers. As she points her finger at you, you feel compelled to go on stage. She proceed to hypnotize you with an eye fixation induction, utilizing her golden pocket watch. She guides you through deep relaxation with the calming sound of her voice, as she deepens her hypnosis over your subconscious mind. From there on, she takes you through a good number of silly stage suggestions. At the end, Hypnotist Larissa will give you a few motivational suggestions, helping you stay calm, relaxed and focused as you go back to work the next day.So get ready for fun feel night of magic hypnosis! Please make sure you have some free space around you before start the session, as she will have you out of your chair the minute you go under Larissa’s hypnosis!

Learn Conversational Hypnosis – A Surefire Way to Master the Craft

Although you can always learn conversational hypnosis without ever leaving home, getting the right course for you can be rather difficult. A form of hypnotism, conversational hypnosis actually deals with controlling the mind of your subject, so as to put him in a trance, allowing you to direct their actions as you wish.

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis – An Overview

There are various courses that are available for anyone who wants to learn how to perform conversational hypnosis. People who are interested can study in an actual classroom setting or enroll in a distance learning program online. One distance learning course is called The Power of Conversational Hypnosis which is by Igor Ledochowski.

Understanding the Practice of Hypnosis Feminisation

To help us better understand what hypnosis feminisation is we first need to understand what hypnosis is. You might be thinking of the hypnosis that you see on TV, where one guy will make a bunch of people do goofy things.

Hypnosis Control Used to Make Sales?

Salespeople use a form of hypnosis control every day in order to maximize the sales that they make. The sales person will use a lot of hand gestures and facial gestures. They will also hold eye contact in order to give the person they are speaking to a sense of security and trust.

Creating Powerful States With NLP

If you have found your emotions controlling you instead of the other way around, you might be happy to know that you can train yourself to shift any emotional state. This article explores the way in which people develop great emotional states for the purpose of personal excellence with NLP.

Hypnosis CDs – Accomplish Anything You Want Today

The mere thought of success and to become successful inspires us to achieve that goal. Everybody strives to be someone and to get somewhere he or she desires. Oftentimes, we make use of our status in judging whether we have achieved our success or not.

How Does Hypnosis Work? Find Out Today

One might ask, “How does hypnosis work?” The answer to this question is not definite. The mind has been a big puzzle among scientists and a certain mental state called hypnosis is a puzzle as well.

History of Hypnosis – Where it All Started

The history of hypnosis can be traced back from the time when man began interacting as a social being. Man realized that he could reap more fruits by influencing other people to change their beliefs and actions in his favor. People in the ancient times, especially during the Vedic Period of the Hindus used incessant chant, like “Om” and other mantras that all produced hypnotic trance to the devotees.

Guaranteed Hypnosis CDs – Get Yours Today That Really Works

Self-hypnosis is truly unrivaled. Self-hypnosis has undoubtedly been present long before we knew its true essence. This process is indeed the most powerful alliance in self-transformation and engagement to life-changing scenarios.

Feminization Hypnosis – Your Ultimate Guide

Do you want to go out and sing Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like A Woman”? If your answer to that question is yes, then you should know more about feminization hypnosis.

Conversational Hypnosis – Everything You Need to Know

Hypnosis comes in various forms. One form of hypnosis that is very real and can easily be learned by anyone else is the conversational hypnosis, which is also referred to as covert hypnosis. It is usually learned for the purpose of influencing other people cleverly and indirectly.

Christian Hypnosis

Christian hypnosis may well refer to the salient points that some Christian practices employ in their own search for truth or God. In most religions, the search for truth in silence, in prayer, sacred texts and congregational assemblies seem to portray that of modern-day hypnosis. In the greater part of the Christianity, hypnosis has not met so much resistance.

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