Step mother’s gentle hypnosis: ASMR Roleplay (preview)

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Happy Mother’s day!

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in this preview role playing hypnotherapy session, you are a college student, home from the holidays. Scarlett, your Stepmom who married your father from many years ago, came to greet you in your room. Even though Scarlett is not your biological mother, you are accustomed to sharing with her, and you still find it immensely comforting sharing your feelings with your lovely and kind step mom. She notice how hard you’ve been working at school, she also learn that your long term relationship is going though a hard time. Scarlett reminded you that she was a psychology major in college, and she had been helping your father with hypnosis. . She decides to use hypnosis to help you relax, send you to sleep in the most comforting way, become a better person, she also left you a few post suggestion in case she needs you put you back under hypnosis for personal reason.

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