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Miss Rachel hypnotized her student to study, work hard, and behave like a good student so he can do well in school. This is the hypnosis induction excerpt from a longer role play video.

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We are working a series of new hypnosis videos, featuring therapeutic roleplay, ASMR and deep hypnosis. The beautiful hypnotist Rachel is back. In this session, Hypnotist Rachel plays a caring and gentle English teacher with hypnosis skills and you as her student. She is very concerned about your grades. as well as your effort in class. She noticed you are stressed and slept deprived, so she decides to use hypnosis on you. She gives you loving attention, listen to your problems, and offer sympathy for all the work challenges you are experiencing as a student trying to get into college. After putting you under with a visual fixation induction, she hypnotize you to alleviate your student stress, to clear the clutter in your mind, makes you feel more confident, more focus at work, become a great teacher with winning confidence, and to make you a better person with healthy habits, plus to have some fun with your subconscious mind. At the end she made you a great student, complete your homework in time with a desire to be hypnotized by her over and over again.

This is a preview video, full session coming soon, stay tuned!

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Using a Weight Loss Hypnosis CD

If you have tried to lose weight with all kinds of diets and have just ended up gaining back any weight you lost or even more the problem you have is not with the diets but with your will power. Most people lose focus because it is too difficult to keep track of what you are eating or it is too easy to just not go to that exercise appointment. Using a weight loss hypnosis CD can help you concentrate on the goal and maintain focus until you have lost the weight you want to lose.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Outcome Setting Made Simple

Okay, here it is, the only three part structure you’ll ever need to succeed at anything you want in life – Outcome, Acuity & Flexibility. First, one of the most important steps: write your outcome down!

Can You Get Free Hypnosis Online?

I am sure you are like everyone else and have heard about how hypnosis can help you quit smoking or lose weight. The only problem is that hypnotherapists charge as much as $100 per session and it may take several sessions before you have the results you want. Can you get free hypnosis online? Actually you can. The key to getting free hypnosis is learning how to induce yourself into a state that will allow self hypnosis. Not everyone is as susceptible to being induced as another and you will have to give it a try and see if it works.

Read This Before Going For Hypnosis Relaxation Methods

Stress is something that no one can escape. This is especially true for those working in an office. The office, among other workplaces, is the place where stress breeds the most. Office workers have to put up with workload, relationships with co-workers, and demands from the boss.

Hypnosis Not Just Helps the Mind, But the Body, Too

Hypnosis is not just used to change your mind or psychological issues that we encounter. In fact Hypnosis is very much used when it comes to working with the body.

Enhance Your Reading & Photo Reading!

In order to advance your ability to remember and to focus, so you can retain Information later on when needed, it is really wise to further advance your brain with reading materials to improve your skills and to allow your mind to add and enhanced your vocabulary too. Your subconscious mind is really powerful in obtaining and restoring information, and In fact the more you practice the better you absorb Information, because your cell memories is like a safe bank, that is why it is observed in your unconvinced mind.

How to Create Positive Changes With Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy really helps people – truly understand their subconscious mind and help them achieve their goals. Most of the time, hypnosis is used for self-improvement and the like.

Explaining Hypnosis

Hypnosis is considered by most as an altered state of mind. Essentially, this is a misnomer. The brain goes through four main brain wave states multiple times per day. These are Beta (full awareness), Alpha (light relaxation), Theta (deep relaxation), and Delta (sleep). To day that there is a “altered state of mind” would assume that there is a normal state from which the mind deviates.

Waking Hypnosis For Alleviating Pain and Promoting Healing

Can you rapidly stop bleeding or eliminate pain using only the sound of your voice? If not, continue reading.

Mind-Body Integration – Science Or Pseudo-Science?

While sincere, scientifically-minded professionals should appreciate that their methodology has been consistently used to explore emerging mind/body concepts, still many skeptics still insist that any such research and the resulting findings are a disgrace and are to be classified as “woo woo”, an un-scientific, emotionally laden appellation for the more acceptable, yet questionable term “pseudo-science”. As much as I often cringe when I encounter the skeptic’s anti-intellectual propensity for character assassination rather than reason, they do us a service by keeping us on our toes. No, our desire to believe in something does not make our beliefs true. Hypotheses still need to be based on logic and confirmed by an acceptable methodology.

Learning, Motivation, and Male Dopamine Fatigue

Occasionally I’ll encounter 40-ish or older male patients who are encountering learning, memory, and motivation problems. During their intake and subsequent discussions I often detect similar patterns. They are individuals who are successful in their professional lives. Yet, they tend to be over controlling workaholics who equate effort with results.

Neuro-Physiological Patterns – The Basis of Clinical Interventions

Everything around us and inside us is all about patterns. This includes physics, astronomy, biology, cultural relationships, and everything else. For a hypnotherapist this concept is crucial, as it extends to the totality of human experience and transformation.

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