That One Important Thing That Can Raise Your Money Vibration

Money brings different emotions. And everything in life is vibration.

So, how are these two associated? Find it out right here!

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Tame Your Inner Critic With Self-Hypnosis

If you ever find that your internal dialogue or cognitions are overly critical, then this process is for you. Here in step-by-step fashion, we combine self-hypnosis with mental imagery and a simple cognitive strategy for taming the inner critic and developing a more progressive internal dialogue. Enjoy!

Using The Rejuvenation Tree With Self-Hypnosis

This article gives you a step-by-step guide to get rejuvenated, energised and inspired using the power of your mind. Combining self-hypnosis, metaphor and mental imagery, this process is going to have you feeling energised and raring to go once you have finished.

Self-Hypnosis for Habits of High Achievers

Good habits are the foundation of successful character and fundamental to the success of every high achiever in history. Good habits form the very foundation upon which extreme focus and discipline are built. Extinguishing bad habits and replacing them with good ones is a daunting task and nearly impossible for most. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis may be the very and only tools you will every need for quickly and instantly adopting the powers and habits of high achievers today.

Should I Give To Charity Or Do Something More Interesting Instead

What do you when someone working for a charity stops you in the street and starts to chat to you as if you were an old friend or someone they’ve been waiting all their lives to meet? Do you chat with them? Do you get annoyed and march off? Do you give them the money they want? Do you pretend they are invisible and avoid eye contact at all costs? I didn’t do any of those things…

Tips for Losing Weight Easily

The best way to lose weight is to change the way you think about eating. You will never lose weight if you are using food as an emotional crutch.

The Mass Hypnosis Of Daily Life That Happens To Normal People

The crowd and sheep mentality is a powerful mentality and most people cannot get over it in the sense that life seems like a “reality” of “follow the smartest follower”. Well, this message understands and then seeks to rise above that mentality through vigilance and understanding.

How Neuro Linguistic Programming Can Assist Wellness Practitioners in Their Businesses

I have been a yoga Teacher and neuro linguistic and wellness practitioner for the last twelve years. However recently I have been trying to expand my customer base and attract additional practitioners in both the fields of yoga and NLP to work with me at my new expanded facility.

How NLP Cures PTSD Faster Than Other Methods

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a type of anxiety disorder that can occur after experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening event. A disorder that often leads to complex consequences, PTSD is addressed through various traditional and alternative treatments. The traditional treatments include talk, cognitive behavior, exposure and group therapies. On the other hand, the alternative treatments to PTSD are information processing, hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Specifically, NLP makes use of language in reframing, redirecting and reorganizing the brain’s coding experience. Simply put, through communication, NLP seeks changing the patterns of emotional and mental behaviors. NLP is a greatly effective therapy and it’s benefits far exceed any other form of therapy.

How Do We Transform the Conflict in the World?

To bring about changes in relation to global conflict, the new consciousness requires a radically transformed awareness of what is true. The current global perspective of a victim versus victimizer view of each other, perpetrates exactly what it is we want to remedy. The moment we say (or even think) this person or that group of people are victimizers perpetrating atrocities toward another person or group of people, we are expressing the very hatred and negativity we want to stop.

Hypnosis and Spirituality

In the early days of my Hypnotherapy practice, the primary issues I found myself dealing with were stress, weight loss, smoking cessation, spiritual pursuits, and overcoming fears — pretty much in that order. Gradually, that order shifted and I can now say that spirituality is the most prevalent of my clients’ interests.

Why Would YOU Want to Learn Hypnosis?

“You talk to people until they fall asleep, keep on talking for a while and then wake them up and they pay you.” This is a “kids eye view” of what hypnotists do. Hypnosis has an absolutely incredible number of uses. This article invites you to consider learning the art of hypnosis for growth, fun and profit. Imagine your joy at helping someone overcome blocks in their life and overcome frustrating and miserable habits like smoking. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to add hypnosis to your skillset and increase the effectiveness of your communication?

When to Consider Sleep Hypnosis

Ask anyone who has tried it, and they will tell you that sleep hypnosis is really an effective method to get good and restful sleep night after night. There are many individuals who admittedly have trouble sleeping, however, despite this difficulty, they are still loathe to give sleep hypnosis a try. To those individuals, I am talking to you!

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