The secret 10 hour meditation to manifest lottery jackpot fast! Mega Millions edition

New win the lottery affirmation with Hypnotist Oxanna
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Have you ever had an experience where a few number feel really special to you? Do you sometimes feel like you can visualize the events they are about to happen? Use hypnosis and guided meditation to help you see the winning numbers! Good luck to all the lottery players tonight! Remember us when you win! #powerball #megamillions #lottery

New win the lottery affirmation with Hypnotist Oxanna

New! Powerball edition

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Hypnosis for Lottery winning with Hypnotist Bernie

Hypnosis for Lottery winning with Melanie

Hypnosis for Lottery winning with Beth

Paranormal Hypnosis demonstration – Automatic writing to predict lottery numbers

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Powerball is an American lottery game offered by 44 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is coordinated by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), a nonprofit organization formed by an agreement with U.S. lotteries. Powerball’s minimum advertised jackpot is $40 million (annuity); Powerball’s annuity is paid in 30 graduated installments; winners may choose cash instead. Drawings are held Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 10:59 p.m. Eastern Time. The game uses a 5/69 (white balls) + 1/26 (Powerballs) matrix from which winning numbers are chosen. Each play costs $2, or $3 with the Power Play option. (Originally, Powerball plays cost $1; when PowerPlay began, such games were $2.) The official cutoff for ticket sales is 10 p.m. Eastern Time; some lotteries discontinue sales earlier.[1] The drawings are usually held at the Florida Lottery’s studio in Tallahassee.

On May 18, 2013, the largest jackpot in the game’s history, and the largest prize on one ticket (approximately $590,500,000 annuity), was won. On June 5, Florida Lottery officials announced the winner, Gloria C. MacKenzie, 84, who purchased the “quick pick” ticket at a Publix supermarket in Zephyrhills, Florida. MacKenzie chose the cash option (approximately $370,800,000 before Federal withholding, as Florida does not have a state income tax).[2][3]

On January 9, 2016, the Powerball jackpot reached $1.3 billion, the largest lottery in North American history

Stage hypnosis is performed for entertainment purposes. Stage hypnosis shows are performed at comedy clubs, theaters, high schools, colleges, universities, festivals, and fairs. Cruise lines such as Carnival Cruises also feature stage hypnosis performances. The causes of phenomena experienced by volunteers in stage hypnosis shows can be explained by altered states of consciousness (i.e., “hypnotic trance”) or a combination of psychological factors observed in group settings such as disorientation, compliance, peer pressure, and ordinary suggestion.

A modern stage hypnosis performance regularly delivers a comedic performance rather than a demonstration to impress an audience with powers of persuasion – effects of amnesia, mood altering and hallucination are demonstrated in a normal performance. Stage hypnosis performances often encourage audience members to look further into the benefits of hypnotism (Echterling and Whalen, 1995).

More Real Than Reality

How can something be more real than reality? Well..

Entertainment? Or Hypnosis Training?

Some folks say stage hypnosis is pointless – that it trivialises hypnosis. My take? It offers the best (and most fun) training around.

Unfakeable Trance

How do you know if you or someone else is in a trance? The good news is there are 11 unfakeable signs for it.

Are Dreams Hypnotic Trances?

When you go to sleep, do you enter a trance? When you enter a trance, do you dream? The answers reveal a lot about how your mind works.

Your Problems Are Like Ants

I don’t know, but this might be the best analogy for your problems yet. If you think you’re stuck with your problems, rethink that.

The Useful and Wrong Brain Model

The triune model of the brain isn’t true… but it’s true enough. And it sure explains how you can finally say no to cake and donuts.

The “SWAT Technique” for Instant, Guaranteed Trance

SWAT, polar bears and genies – what do they have to do with this sure-fire hypnosis principle? Read on to see how you enter a trance every day.

Hypnotists Invent Nothing, Steal Everything

How do hypnotists come up with our techniques, stage hypnosis gimmicks and personal growth strategies? We don’t.

The Confusing and Controversial Link Between Hypnosis and Your Unconscious

Here’s a long, rambling, confused, contradictory and incorrect primer on your unconscious. It might be the most valuable read of the week.

Curse of the Magic Pickup Artist

When does a blessing become a curse? When it lacks this humble thing that hypnosis and meditation give you more of.

Phobia Secrets of the All-Caps Typo

My teacher used to make the strangest typos. In that is a powerful insight that can help you shed more than just your phobias.

Why the Greatest Song About Science Proves Humans Can’t Do It

Science requires an insane mindset – one few universities understand, let alone teach. That’s why the best scientist is a crazy AI.

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