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Ways to Secretly Hypnotize Another Person

Do you feel a need to learn how to hypnotize someone? This article pretty much covers the basic steps and you can start using the techniques you are about to learn today. No need to force somebody into a trance. It is much better to use suggestive methods and getting them to agree with you on any subject you want. I will cover 3 most basic covert hypnosis techniques you can use in most, of not all, everyday social situations.

Don’t Want to Be a Smoker Any Longer? Hypnosis Can Help

The same goes for pretty much any other habit you might want to get rid of. Obesity (related to overeating), nail-biting… the list goes on. There are many options at your disposal: the most popular ones include group or individual hypnosis offered by qualified therapists.

Stop Smoking With Hypnosis and Visualization

People use different techniques to get rid of the smoking habit. Many use nicotine patches, some other rely on medication while few others try to stop smoking using their willpower. The success rate in any of these techniques has been very low with most people failing in their efforts. As a last resort people then select self-hypnosis to stop the smoking habit. Self hypnosis is used to influence a person’s views regarding smoking habit inside his subconscious mind and is considered to be the most effective way of quitting this addiction.

Letting Go of Guilt

Maybe you also feel like you could use some help letting go of guilt. Dealing with guilt is quite common – everybody, at some point in their life, has to confront these feelings and find ways to manage them. This article is about helping you to do so.

Mastering the Persuasion Mindset

What are things you need to be a great Persuasion Master? What you need above anything else it’s a proper mindset and a positive image of the outcome of your persuasion efforts over your prospect, but, how do you achieve that?

Strengthen Your Ego With Hypnosis

Surprisingly, a lot of failures in life have an awful lot to do with one’s self-confidence. Or actually, the lack of it. A clinically supported answer to that problem (or at least one of them) is hypnosis. It can restore your feelings of self-worth, self-respect etc. You can teach it to yourself or find a qualified therapist who will assist you and offer more guidance.

What Is the Secret Behind Hypnosis and How Does It Work?

Hypnosis in a clinic setting can be a marvelous thing. Thanks to modern science, many have been cured using hypnotic therapy. However, one has to understand what hypnosis can and cannot do. No matter how powerful, it most certainly isn’t the answer to everything.

Basics of NLP

More than likely you heard the acronym NLP. What is it? What does it mean? Don’t worry about it, a lot of people are asking the same thing. To put it simply, NLP is a behavioral technology, some even call it a “pragmatic school of thought.” But to define it even simpler, it is a set of tools any person can use to better themselves.

Hypnosis As Entertainment

Want to hypnotize in front of crowds? Wondering what exactly goes on behind the hypnotic curtain of a hypnosis show? Read on…

Using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

It can be that you have started to tire now with your efforts to stop smoking or your coughs are becoming stronger every day. You might also be finding it really difficult to climb the stairs. If you are suffering from any of these problems, then information given here will greatly help you in correcting these problems. You may have heard that attempting to quit the smoking habit can sometimes be a lot more painful than coughs or pain of climbing stairs and thus are not willing to take the risk despite your eagerness to quit the habit. Self hypnosis mainly assists in reducing the effect of negative experiences related to stopping the smoking habit. Another good point is that after some time the smoker does not feel like taking up some other habit like eating to work as replacement to smoking. Some of the other symptoms which show up when people stop smoking also disappear when technique of self hypnosis is adapted.

How to Stop Binge Eating With Hypnosis and NLP

Every sufferer of this condition wants to stop binge eating whether they are conscious of this or not. The personal ramifications of leading a secret life and planning all activities around food leads to desperate unhappiness in sufferers.

Invisible Hypnosis – Part 2

In the first installment of the invisible hypnosis series, we covered the basic concept. In this edition, we delve deeper into what exactly makes a hypnotist, and how you can vastly increase your hypnotic powers.

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