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Self Hypnosis Is a Fun Tool

Self hypnosis can be used for all sorts of things which is what makes it such a fun tool to use. Here are some ideas that you can use the next time you hypnotize yourself.

Hypnotherapy And Weight Management

As the NHS looks to find more effective, longer lasting methods for common issues, hypnotherapy for weight loss is fast becoming the chosen methodology. Increasingly promoted is the use of a new strategy called ‘hypno-band’, a technique which convinces the client that their stomach is smaller – like a mental ‘gastric-band’ but without the actual physical repercussions or the need for dangerous surgery. This fast result system is becoming widely available among those in-the-know; yet I believe that it is always best to search within too – to understand how we get to the point of needing one in…

How Conversational Hypnosis Can Lift Your Career To New Heights

Many people don’t realize what a tremendous difference conversational hypnosis can make for their career development. It’s not about just working smarter it’s about getting noticed for doing it. Discover how conversational hypnosis can help you get recognition in just the right way.

The Time Stretch

When you do not seem to have enough time to do all that you want to or need to, all in that order. I have one piece of advice for you: Stretch your time in your mind. I know you cannot stretch time in reality, but if you prioritize right, you can successfully stretch time in your mind. Here is how.

The Secret Truth of Feminine Hypnosis

Feminine hypnosis is a scientifically proven form of therapy that is used to tap into the subconscious mind, how can this help you? When we look at our lives we like to believe that our behaviour is naturally us; after all, we have been like this for as long as we can remember so we why would it not be us? We just take it for granted. However, sometimes we come up against things that we would like to change; it could be smoking, overeating, a fear or a phobia; for whatever reason something just doesn’t feel right anymore.

What Is Covert Hypnosis and Why Must You Know?

You may be well heard of ‘Hypnosis’ and ‘Milton H. Erickson’, but quite likely you would be puzzled what is Covert Hypnosis, really? As the phrase implied, covert hypnosis is a form of communication from someone onto another person’s subconscious mind without them realizing, and best of all this is performed while the subject is at the conscious level.

Covert Hypnosis – An Undercover Operation

Many of us are aware of hypnosis and the basic concepts of how it works. Have you ever considered that perhaps a perfect stranger that you might be conversing with could be hypnotizing you without your knowing it? This is actually possible; a covert hypnosis process can be performed on some people who wouldn’t think it possible.

How to STATE What You Want Purposefully

In order to GET WHAT YOU WANT you need to KNOW WHAT it is that YOU WANT. Before you can move, you first need to decide where you want to move to.

Invisible Hypnosis – Part 3

The third part of the invisible hypnosis series. Now we get into the practical stuff! Read on…

Invisible Hypnosis – Part 1

The first in a multiple part article series about invisible hypnosis, the inspiration for all the articles and the blog. This idea will, hopefully, rock the hypnosis world! Read on for more details…

Benefits and Uses of Hypnosis

In my last article, I stated that the greatest benefit of meditation may actually be an increase in consciousness. The metaphysicists tell us that everything has consciousness (awareness). Most scientists wouldn’t agree. That’s OK because science likely hasn’t yet developed the tools to accurately measure consciousness. Usually, science develops appropriate tools only after a new question has been raised. For example, at one time, science thought that the earth was flat and that the sun went around it, but eventually, it discovered the appropriate tools to prove otherwise.

Subliminal Hypnosis: Harnessing Your Brain’s Power for Change

You can control everything that comes into your life when you harness the true power of your mind. Your mind holds the key to achieving success, happiness and abundance. Unlock the secrets to creating all your dreams and desires through the incredible powers of subliminal hypnosis.

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