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Overcome Social Anxiety With Hypnosis

Are you overly concerned about what other people think of you? Do you always think that people are judging and ridiculing you? If so, you may suffer from Social Anxiety – and hypnosis may be the best way to overcome it.

Reprogram Your Mind and Body to Be Feminine With Feminization Hypnosis

Have you ever thought of becoming a female? Do you really want to not just look like a female but also to feel like one? Are you desperate to come out of your shell and confidently walk out in the streets without worrying about what other people will say about you?

Subliminal Messaging – Incorporating Subliminal Cues in Your Ad Copy

OK, subliminal messaging isn’t allowed in advertising in most countries. So obviously you need to make sure that any advert you create is legal. But that brings us into the question of what a subliminal message is. And to my mind, most advertisements use some kind of covert techniques to get their point across. Here’s how you can use subliminal cues in your ad copy in ways that should legally pass under the radar.

Hypnosis for Smoking – A Solution Worth Trying

Very few persons argue with the accepted proven fact that smoking can be harmful to human health. And yet thousands of people still smoke every day. Strange behaviour follows on and on….

Using Hypnosis Mind Control On Yourself And Others

One thing that allows hypnosis mind control to stand out from other methods that people use to reprogram their subconscious mind is that it is not limited on who it can be used by. Hypnosis mind control can successfully be used on yourself, but it can also be used just as effectively on others.

Self Hypnosis and Visualisation to Stop Smoking

How can self hypnosis help you to stop smoking? There are many products available and a lot work, at the same time many don’t. Some people choose to use will power alone but even this can be too hard. With self hypnosis you change your feelings about smoking on a subconscious level, which is where the habit is really coming from. It is a medically proven technique that has helped millions worldwide.

Safe Healing With Hypnotism

Hypnotism is a scientific method. It can be safely used for healing. The patient participates fully in effecting hypnotic healing. Chronic diseases can be cured with hypnotism.

Using Self-Hypnosis To Invigorate And Be More Alert

Hypnosis is often associated with being much like a zombie. Here we are showing how hypnosis can actually get you revived, focused and alert. We illustrate a number of ways to use self-hypnosis to be and feel more alert.

A Brief Look at Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is a practical way of eradicating destructive habits like smoking, over eating or drinking too much. Although we might be content sometimes we feel there are things getting in the way. This is why self hypnosis is so powerful; it accesses the subconscious mind and reprograms it. By learning these skills a person can retrain themselves and will see positive changes in a short space of time.

NLP for Coaches: Metaphors – Speaking a Language of the Unconscious Mind

There are different languages that we know of that can reach the unconscious mind. These include various processes from NLP such as Submodalities, Anchoring and Time Line techniques. Different forms of energy work can also access the unconscious mind. “Tapping” or EFT has been known to have some effect. One of the most powerful languages of the unconscious mind is that of metaphor.

NLP for Coaches: Hocus Focus – Strategies to Help Boost Awareness and Results

One definition of Hocus Pocus is that it refers to a juggler’s trick or sleight of hand. What does this have to do with reality? Everything. How do we help our clients choose the most optimum focus, to help them reach their desired outcomes?

NLP for Coaches: When Is a Client Actually a Client? Or, Never Try To Teach a Pig to Sing

Your phone rings. It is a potential client, they have a problem that you are excellent at solving. They are ready to pay you. Is this a client? Well, perhaps. There are seven major criteria that a potential client must pass before they are truly someone for whom you can actually make a difference.

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