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How To Hypnotise Your Inner Self: A Path To Inner Enrichment

There are any number of reasons you would want to even consider hypnotising yourself, insomnia, weight loss, fear, depression, smoking and so much more. Hypnosis does not rule us, but rather just reinforces our natural determination to overcome obstacles such as temptation to indulge bad habits. Hypnosis is very real and is NOT a means of seducing or controlling others, it is a natural part of our lives and originates in our very minds and learning how to hypnotise your inner self is a definite reality.

Learn Self Hypnosis Techniques: Grow Your Inner Mind

Self hypnosis can do more for you than you may believe right now, it is a widely tried and tested therapy and it’s successes are astounding. Norman Vincent Peale was quoted once as saying that “people can become truly remarkable when they start believing that they can do things…” This must apply to you too, you can do more for yourself than you might believe right at this moment. The human mind and body are far more amazing than you think. Read on…

Modeling Power Or Be What You Want To Be

We all put things together from what is available, and when we put what is available together well, we create success. With that, I begin this article.

An Easy Way to Try Covert Hypnosis

Covert Hypnosis is an advanced hypnosis technique where a subject is hypnotized in the course of a normal conversation, completely unaware that hypnosis is in progress. Covert Hypnosis is tricky to apply and requires tremendous control over body language, expression and situational dynamics. However, impossible as it may sound, the art exists and is easily learned with the help of the following steps and lots of practice.

5 Stages in Performing Street Hypnosis

Street Hypnosis is simply a hypnotist performing his art on random pedestrians for the entertainment of casual bystanders and spectators. Though the idea of putting someone into a trance within the space of a few minutes may sound impossible, it is actually very achievable, and has been practiced by street performers for several centuries. The setting however, calls for observing a number of additional precautions because of the unique challenges involved: the subjects are strangers to the hypnotist and their reactions to hypnosis can be unpredictable; bringing a standing subject out of a trance is can be quite hazardous; subjects are extremely vulnerable when in a trance and can unwittingly injure themselves. Recognizing these elements is an important step in preparing to minimize risk for both your subject and yourself.

Using Self-Hypnosis And A Balloon To Get Rid Of Food Cravings

Ever want to be able to deal with food cravings? Want to help get in control of your eating habits? Well this article shows you how to use the power of your mind and use self-hypnosis to deal with any craving at any time.

The Eyes Have It

Do you remember when you first learned about Eye Accessing Cues? I do. I thought it was one of the strangest things I had heard of. I was like “Really? So, you’re telling me that I can find out how someone is thinking by where their eyes go?”

How to Learn Basic Hypnosis for Free?

Hypnosis is a state of heightened consciousness where a person is highly receptive to suggestion and instruction. It has been used successfully to cure a number of ailments and has proven effective in altering personal habits and in combating stress. Hypnosis can be brought on both by yourself or by another person. While professional training is highly recommended for people interested in performing hypnosis, practice is the most important aspect in learning this art and it can be done for free.

Learn Igor Ledochowski’s Conversational Hypnosis

Igor Ledochowski is one of the top proponents of the art of Conversational Hypnosis, the practice of hypnotizing a listener in the course of a normal conversation without the listener being aware of being influenced. He propagates the use of potent techniques including ‘hot words’, ‘hypnotic themes’ and ‘the power of suggestion’ to surreptitiously place people in a trance and make them amenable to your suggestions and directions. Conversational Hypnosis is a powerful tool in the hands of the user who can exercise it on any person, in any situation, to turn events to his advantage. As the method is entirely covert, it can be used to get out of difficult situations, avoid confrontations and to direct situations to your desired outcome. The technique is easy to train in and is widely available to everyone through Igor’s books, educational tapes, home learning courses and training sessions.

Conversational Hypnosis Techniques That Anyone Can Learn

Many individuals have heard of Confidence Hypnosis, but only a few have really experienced and gone into the depth of it. Hypnosis is really a subject that has grabbed the attention of a number of people and perhaps for that cause, it seems like everyone has some opinion about it. What ever said and done, the confirmed reality is the fact that numerous hypnosis techniques have helped individuals overcome a wide range of practices, phobias and at certain occasions people suffering with various types of emotional states.

Tightening Your Grip On Your Realistic Thinking Without Becoming Negative

Thought creates that upon which it is directed, especially in the form of inventions. But for something to be genuinely and usefully inventive, it must work. A good idea is a good idea, but, it must also work in reality by the laws of reality.

Using Self-Hypnosis To Take Control Of Your Appetite

Want to know how to use the power of your mind to control your appetite and make sure you do not up 5 waist sizes this festive season? This step-by-step process shows you exactly how to do that. Enjoy it.

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