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Past Life Regression – Have You Always Been Curious About It?

If you’re curious about what could be lurking in a past life regression session, you are not alone. Millions of people believe in the power of reincarnation and, thus, believe that their souls have lived several different lives in several different bodies. But what happened during those past lives?

Past Life Regression – How You Can Use It to Understand Your Current Challenges

A past life regression is a hypnotic session, during which you have access to your subconscious mind. From there, you can tap into memories and experiences from your past lives. You will experience prior lives played out in front of you, in some cases, like you’re watching a movie.

NLP – The Journey Is Yours

Life is a journey and on that journey as human beings, we absorb and reflect the sum total of our experience and learning. Of course, what goes in sometimes comes out slightly garbled but by using NLP you are able to fully understand the language of the brain in order to clarify the messages that you receive and more importantly, the messages that you send out on daily basis. Neuro Linguistic Programming is a continual process that is rooted in excellence and to appreciate the benefits of NLP, it might be useful to look at the three pillars that NLP…

What Is Anchoring In NLP?

NLP is a modelling tool. It works on effective communication. Anchoring is a section of NLP that is extremely powerful.

Dealing With Hecklers in the Audience

Heckle – “To harass, badger, bait, provoke or needle a public speaker or performer with impertinent questions, gibes, or the like” ( Hecklers are also known as “mismatchers” in NLP & HNLP. These are the people in your audience who try to one-up you or regularly provide counter examples to your information, or try to prove you wrong.

Can You Really Trigger Weight Loss With Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be used to treat and bring about certain desired results from the mind which then is translated into the human body. This is because the body acts as the brain requires or instructs it to. If the right information is put into the mind through hypnotherapy, then the human body follows suit and reflects just what the brain was thinking. For that reason, weight loss with hypnosis is possible so long as it is done in the correct manner. To lose weight can be a tricky thing for someone if you do not know what to do or how to do it.

Using Hypnosis To Let Go Of Anger: With A Clenched Fist?

Often when a closed fist is mentioned, people might think about it being a symbol of anger, a symbol of might or strength, or maybe as a symbol of violence. Others might perceive a closed fist as a sign of aggression, or celebration, or as a means to inspire someone. For some it represents power or a sense of freedom, and it is a sense of freedom that I want to promote within today’s blog entry; using a fist and combining it with hypnosis for great therapeutic effect to help let go of anger.

How to Get Motivated: 4 NLP Strategies That Work

Getting motivated doesn’t happen by coincidence or by miracle. Motivation is not something that some people have and others don’t either. It is something we all do, consciously or unconsciously, everyday…

Skin Picking Hypnosis – Use It to Make Yourself Look Better

Everyone squeezes a random pimple or picks at a scab every once in a while, but for some people, skin picking is a constant activity that they can’t seem to stop – no matter how much damage they’re doing to their skin. If your skin has wound up bloody, bruised, and scarred from picking, there is one tool that can help you break the habit and start to look better – skin picking hypnosis.

Super Effective Self-Hypnosis Is Super Easy – Just Talk to Your Self

What do you think when you see people talking to themselves? “Crazy Person!” Or might they be only practicing super easy and super effective self hypnosis While I’m not suggesting that many people who talk to themselves are not crazy, but I will say to you that your starting to talk with yourself might make you ‘crazy like a fox’, in that you can be performing self-hypnosis that works like crazy.

Demystifying Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is well established as a powerful method to develop your potential and enhance performance. It can help you create order from chaos and encourages resourceful ways of thinking while expanding awareness of choices.

Hypnosis for Insecurity – How It Can Change Your Life!

Maybe you always feel like you’ll never measure up to your pretty friends, or you’re constantly afraid that your boyfriend is going to break up with you. Insecurity can be a paralyzing problem; instead of moving forward with your life, you’re always thinking about where you fall short.

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