Total Control Hypnosis! hipnosis (Spanish Female Hypnotist Rosa Martin) post hypnotic suggestion 催眠術

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Direct Command Hypnosis in Spanish with Hypnotist Rosa Martin
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0:02 Look into Rosa’s Eyes
2:28 molding your mind
3:43 falling into her control
4:44 falling under her spell
5:50 programming your mind
7:24 you hear only her voice
9:13 you want to please her
11:08 deeper programming

Rosa Martin was tired of her demanding boss, Mr. Thompson, constantly piling on tasks and deadlines with little regard for her well-being. Determined to gain some control over her situation, Rosa devised a cunning plan.

One afternoon, as Mr. Thompson sat at his desk buried in paperwork, Rosa approached him with a confident stride. “Mr. Thompson,” she began, her voice steady and authoritative, “I have a solution to help alleviate your stress and improve your productivity.”

Intrigued, Mr. Thompson leaned back in his chair and gestured for Rosa to continue.

Taking out a pocket watch, Rosa began to swing it gently back and forth before Mr. Thompson’s eyes. “Listen to my voice,” she intoned, her tone soothing yet commanding. “Only my voice. Nothing but the sound of my voice.”

As Rosa continued to speak, her words weaving a web of relaxation and submission, Mr. Thompson found himself unable to resist. His eyelids grew heavy, and his mind became blank, emptying of all thoughts except for Rosa’s voice echoing in his head.

“Relax and let go of your thoughts,” Rosa instructed, her voice like a gentle lullaby. “Relax and let go of your mind. Relax and let go of your resistance. Relax and let go and sleep.”

With each word, Mr. Thompson sank deeper and deeper into a trance, his body completely under Rosa’s control. He felt a sense of peace wash over him, as if all his worries had melted away.

“Nothing to worry about,” Rosa murmured, her voice a comforting presence in his mind. “Nothing to think about. You are so tired. You are so totally exhausted.”

As Mr. Thompson drifted further into hypnosis, Rosa seized the opportunity to implant suggestions in his subconscious. She instructed him to delegate tasks to his employees more effectively, to prioritize his own well-being, and to treat Rosa with the respect and consideration she deserved.

By the time Rosa finished her session, Mr. Thompson was putty in her hands. He awoke from his trance feeling refreshed and revitalized, unaware of the power Rosa now held over him.

From that day forward, Rosa Martin became the true master of her workplace, wielding her hypnotic abilities to manipulate her boss and ensure her own success. And as for Mr. Thompson? He never suspected a thing, obediently following Rosa’s every command without question.

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