Total New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius – December 14th

This Total New Moon Solar Eclipse, strive to remain centered and grounded. Take walks in nature, be barefoot on the Earth or sand, spend time with pets, and clear space in your schedule for meditation, yoga, and breathwork.

Watch the video to learn more about what you should do during this time.

General Examples Of Trance And Hypnosis Information

Sadly, you hear certain psychiatrists and psychologists speak ill of hypnosis, but I really don’t think any of them would be able to come up with an example of hypnosis being detrimental to anyone. Certainly, I’ve never heard it. Oh, there was one instance, but this poor lady became entangled with an unscrupulous practitioner who took advantage of her.

Learn Hypnosis Online – 4 Steps to Get Into Someone’s Mind Without Going Out of Your House

Do you know that you can easily learn how to get right inside someone else’s mind even without stepping outside your home? This is the main benefit of learn hypnosis online courses that are now available. Hypnosis is a highly debated issue.

Different Uses Of Hypnosis – So Underused Yet So Valuable

Hypnosis is a method of sustained, focused concentration. Information is processed by the patient in a different way than when they’re in a normal, alert state of mind. There are so many different uses of hypnosis and because of its power, it may be used to treat so many disorders.

How To Learn Hypnosis And Get People To Do Whatever You Want Them To

If you want to know how to learn hypnosis, one person to provide such information is a professional hypnotist. The challenge is that they are rather secretive about their profession and they do not like sharing any details. This probably could be a way of keeping the profession within a small circle of people which is profitable as they do not get fierce competition.

Use Subliminal Weight Loss Messages to Control Eating Behaviors

Over the past decade, Subliminal weight loss programs have developed into a wide range of products, using technology to lead the way. Many people know they have poor eating behaviors and still have trouble changing them. Maybe your thing is snacking at night or a quick easy fast food breakfast everyday on the way to work. What ever your issue is, perhaps it’s time to try a subliminal weight loss program to overcome it.

Covert Persuasion And Influence – Expelliarmus! Your Way To Persuasive Success

In a previous article, I discussed the power of the word ‘because’ in human psychology and how it can boost your chances of persuasive success. The word ‘imagine’ seems to have a similar effect to the word ‘because’ in the sense that it can allow you to be a more effective persuader and increase your influence over others.

Covert Persuasion And Influence – The Chameleon Effect

In this article, I will be sharing with you a powerful persuasion technique called mirroring or the “chameleon effect”. A mirror shows a reflection of you and imitates whatever you are doing. Mirroring, in this case, occurs when a person copies the behaviour of another person, usually while in social interaction with them.

Covert Persuasion And Influence – Using Anchors

Have you ever got over a difficult period of your life by listening to a particular song? Months later, you are listening to the radio and that same song comes on, making you recall those difficult times? If you have, congratulations, you’ve experienced first hand the power of an anchor.

Covert Persuasion And Influence – The Consistency Principle

In the realm of persuasion, there is a very powerful principle known as the Consistency Principle. If harnessed correctly, it can have many useful applications that can help us in various areas of our lives.

Why Hypnotherapy Isn’t Like Stage Hypnosis

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I get all kinds of reactions when people find out what I do for a living. Anything from “ooh… I’m scared of hypnosis” or “do you make people cluck like chickens?” And when I hear things like that I realise that for most people, their only experience with hypnosis is what they’ve seen on television, or at a show.

Confidence Hypnosis – Boosting Confidence To Attract Women

I know it’s hard to build a conversation especially if there is a woman that you like. The only thing that stops you is that you don’t have the confidence to build a conversation and have the talk completely flow to any topics that you want. Even though that we know what we wanted to talk the only thing is that once we are there.

Simple Hypnosis Tricks

Are you interested in learning hypnosis? Here are some simple tricks you can perform that will get you started. There is very little theory in what I am about to tell you. Perform these tricks on enough people and you will start to learn about how hypnosis works yourself. If you reach your own conclusions at the start, they will greatly assist with your journey of learning to use hypnosis.

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