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3D hypnosis! use your VR goggle, perfect for going to sleep. Our first hypnosis video film with our high definition camera. Back then the video files were so big it took almost a week a to create an half hour video. A little faster these days!

Learn Hypnosis Online – 7 Secrets You Need to Know

Life has many opportunities. The problem for many people: they don’t take time to really explore their minds and make these opportunities come to life. They either find it to hard or don’t know how to do this. Learning hypnosis is a master key for unlocking your own and others true potential.

“Lay Hypnotists” – A Critique of Our Profession

The tendency for any organization or profession to mislabel a hypnotic practitioner as a “lay” person is harmful to the general public and does nothing but question the credibility of the self-styled authority. Actually it is impossible to have a “lay” designation without the acceptance that hypnosis (or hypnotherapy) is a valid, unique profession.

Can Bad Hypnosis Produce Good Results?

I recently made a comment to a local university psychology instructor that even poorly done hypnosis can produce positive results. This statement was made based upon reading several thousand research articles and summaries outlining studies which discussed the efficacy of hypnotherapy for physiological or medical pathologies. Although I welcome the fact that most of the results indicate the value of such mind-body techniques as an adjunct to therapy, psychology, and medical protocols, I often cringe when I notice the incomplete application, limited approaches, or the relative inexperience of the hypnotic operator.

Is Hypnosis Merely a Placebo Response?

The placebo effect and suggestion are indeed similar. They provide positive expectations. And, when coupled with the reverent authority of the operator or administrator of the drug, both present great value. However, since the standards (used by the FDA) attribute only a 0.3 correlation to the placebo effect, this does not explain why the use of hypnosis can produce much greater results.

The Validity of Eyewitness Accounts – What You See is What You Think!

Until several years ago courts struggled with the concept of suggestibility as a key factor in questioning the validity of hypnotically refreshed memories. Many psychologists have testified as expert witnesses disputing the validity of forensic hypnosis. Indeed, even today there are several respected clinical psychologists who have added their voices to the skeptics. Unfortunately, some of my classmates have seen some of these articles and come to the unfounded opinion that hypnotically refreshed memories are inaccurate (as compared to other memories) and therefore inadmissible in the courts.

Hypnocontrol – Bane Or Illusion?

An issue that often comes up with new subjects involves fear and concerns about being led by the hypnotic operator to perform acts, which would be against that their moral or ethical values. This phenomenon is normally called hypnocontrol. This is a myth. Having performed hypnosis sessions since 1992, I’ve never seen anyone do anything that was against their will.

Jedi Mind Tricks to Help You Keep Your New Years Resolutions and to Reach Your Goals of Success!

Have you ever made a New Years Resolution? Now more importantly, have you ever KEPT your New Years Resolution? What were the circumstances? For instance, some people will make New Years Resolutions together and they keep each other honest and support each other to be successful. Other people may find this competition helps to fuel their desire to keep to their goals. While other people may just feel that this is added pressure and so they make New Years Resolutions and keep them a secret. All of these strategies can be successful IF they match your style of motivation. The key is the Jedi Mind Trick to understand who you are and what works best to motivate you and keep you on the road toward success.

Rossi, Hypnosis, and Gene Expression

This whole issue of gene expression is a very fascinating hypothesis. Although I completed a course with Rossi a couple of years ago and attended a course by another psychologist around the same time, I don’t see the idea catching on with other researchers.

Subliminal Messages – How They Can Help You Change

Subliminal messages can help to link your unconscious mind with your conscious mind thereby enhancing your chances of successful behaviour change. Using subliminal messages will however only work if you are keen to make changes in your life.

So What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

If you’ve never experienced hypnosis, you might wonder, “what does hypnosis feel like?” That’s really a great question, but I’m afraid the answer might not be as exciting as you were expecting?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Modeling Made Simple

There is no way I can do justice to a full deconstruction of the NLP modeling process. Modeling is a huge area that goes into great depth and it takes days to cover it adequately. I highly recommend looking into Modeling in much greater depth as it will enhance your life tremendously.

Have Trouble Asserting Yourself? You Need Self Confidence Hypnosis

Do you feel insecure when trying to talk to your boss or anyone else in authority positions? Do you have issues bringing things up for discussion in groups? Do you have a hard time expressing yourself in situations where your opinion can make a difference? If you answer yes to any of these questions self confidence hypnosis may be the answer. Before you say hypnosis is a magic trick and really does not do anything you should check out some statistics from people who have used hypnosis to quit smoking.

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