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Virtual Reality Hypnosis Playlist

Enjoy this 2 hour long virtual reality hypnosis for sleep. Play it on your cell phone, place it into your virtual reality goggle, and go to sleep. It will be like Hypnotist Amy is right there with you as you drift off to dream land. Feedback are welcome! Enjoy!

Original Video in 2D

ASMR Whispering – This is a very intense hypnosis experience that will put anyone to sleep. IT is design for people to find comforts in sinking into the warm coziness of deep slumber. Join famous hypnotist amy as she takes into a very deep sleep. Warning, this could be a very intense sinking experience.

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Hypnosis and Revivication

Many experts believe we never forget anything. That’s why in hypnosis, clients can be regressed back to early times in their lives and they are literally re-experiencing the event. This is not recall but revivication. In revivication, it is as though you are actually there again. You see, hear, smell, feel and experience the event all over again.

Lester Levenson’s Release Technique

How was the Release Technique created and what can it do for you? This was created to give you some history behind this amazing self improvement technique and to let you know what it is capable of doing for you.

Hypnosis Help As an Insomnia Cure

You’ve tried everything to beat this thing. You’ve tried taking a drink – but that didn’t work. You tried over-the-counter sleep aids, but that didn’t work either. Help may be at hand with hypnosis.

Hypnosis For Athletes

Hypnosis for athletes is becoming more and more common. You often hear both coaches and athletes themselves talking about the “mental” part of the game. Hypnosis is a great way for athletes to fully develop this part of their performance.

Do You Know How Often Are You a Subject of Hypnosis?

Are you aware of the fact you are a subject of hypnosis every day? And do you realize how this affects your life? In this article I will show that hypnotic trance is natural part of our reality and we cannot live without it.

Where to Use Blackops Hypnosis

The techniques in blackops hypnosis can be used everyday in various situations. Here is a list of five situations where you can use these covert hypnotic techniques.

Hypnotic Regression Therapy – Can it Help You Remember a Forgotten Past?

Hypnotic regression therapy refers to using the hypnotic state to access memories that might otherwise not be accessible. The memory could be from this life, or as some claim, from a past life.

Top 10 Hypnosis Myths Revealed

There are few subjects that have more myths and misconceptions surrounding them than hypnosis. This seems to largely be down to films, television, and newspapers that make little or no attempt to properly research and represent hypnosis in its true light. They are simply aiming to sell their wares with sensational news and drama. The truth about hypnotherapy is actually nowhere near as exciting, sensational, mysterious and as magical as many are led to believe.

Tips When Learning How to Hypnotize

You are standing in a dark room with your feet together and your arms outstretched, palms facing down. The hypnotist tells you to look at your arms to make sure they are parallel and absolutely level. He then tells you to close your eyes tightly to shut out all the light.

Taking a Look at Various Clinical Hypnotherapy Studies

Clinical hypnotherapy is an amazing study where a person is induced into a state of trance so he or she can better manage painful sensations or emotions. Therapists use this treatment to prepare for surgery, to recover from trauma or to deal with chronic pain related to cancer or something like fibromyalgia. Hypnosis meditation has been a popular study since the seventies, when New Age philosophy bloomed.

Do You Know How Hypnotherapists Train?

Typical sessions with hypnotherapists begin with an initial consultation, where the problem is assessed. Perhaps a patient wants to lose weight, quit smoking, control anger, assuage surgery fears or think more positively.

Seeking a Hypnotherapist During Pregnancy Helps

Visiting a hypnotherapist to prepare for the birth of a new baby can be the best decision a mother-to-be can make. Over 70% of Hypnobirthing mothers deliver their babies without any use of medications and on average undergo an active labor period of 4.5 hours, compared to the national average of 12 hours (Abramson & Heron, 1950).

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