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Use your 3D / VR headset, it will feel like Hypnotist Beth is sitting right infront of your eyes. Digitally remastering a classic, this was possibly the first ever produced hypnosis asmr video on youtube. Filmed back in 2006 with an old mini dv camera. At the time, there was on on going debate if hypnosis can be induced by video. We have since then settled the argument quite convincingly. The production method has long since been obsolete, but Hypnotist Beth was great! Enjoy this relaxing hypnosis video with a beautiful blonde hypnotist.
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From Wikipedia
In psychology, relaxation is the emotional state of low tension, in which there is an absence of arousal that could come from sources such as anger, anxiety, or fear. Relaxation is a form of mild ecstasy coming from the frontal lobe of the brain in which the backward cortex sends signals to the frontal cortex via a mild sedative.

A relaxation technique (also known as relaxation training) is any method, process, procedure, or activity that helps a person to relax; to attain a state of increased calmness; or otherwise reduce levels of anxiety, stress or anger. Relaxation techniques are often employed as one element of a wider stress management program and can decrease muscle tension, lower the blood pressure and slow heart and breath rates, among other health benefits.[1]

People respond to stress in different ways, namely, by becoming overwhelmed, depressed or both.[2] Yoga and other techniques that include deep breathing tend to calm people who are overwhelmed by stress, while rhythmic exercise improves the mental and physical health of those who are depressed. People who encounter both symptoms simultaneously, feeling depressed in some ways and overexcited in others, may do best by walking or performing yoga techniques that are focused on strength

Seven Steps to a Great Hypnosis Practice and Preventing Hypnotherapy Burnout

I think anyone who has been doing work with others long enough will have a time when they will question why in earth they are expending a massive amount of energy helping people and yet end the day feeling not so great. Working in the background for many people is a deep feeling that perhaps they haven’t yet learned all the necessary skills in order to be an effective hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis and the Single Guy!

When the Publisher of Lime Magazine asked me to write an article about hypnosis for men, the first thing that came to my mind was “Oh no, I am not going to write one of those cheesy things about seducing women by looking at them hypnotically or saying a few words that will mesmerize them into bed”. Hell, if that worked I’d probably be too busy to write this anyway.

Conversational Hypnosis For Sales

Conversational hypnosis or NLP Hypnosis has one of those eery rings to it. The term sounds like you’ll be putting someone under your spell. This isn’t exactly the case. Conversational hypnosis in its basic form is telling stories. Now there are more advanced methods, far too many to go into in this post.

Can Past Life Regression Help Your Present?

Do you have an inexplicable fear of heights or insects or something you can’t quite understand? Are you prone to bounce from job to job or relationship to relationship, enduring similar cycles of disappointment and frustration? Even though you realize what needs to be done to improve your life, do you find it difficult to escape old habits that discourage you? Some may seek counseling to better comprehend their behavior, to varying degrees of success. However, one might wish to consider the possibility that problems occurring in life now could be residual of events that happened in past lives.

Stress – How Hypnosis Can Help You Relax

Stressing out about reducing stress is just plain counterproductive. Although yoga, meditation, and therapy are beneficial ways of reducing stress, hypnosis is a good alternative that is well worth considering.

Our Thoughts Are Under Our Control, Aren’t They?

If our thoughts are under our control then we are in in charge of our results. I was pondering on this recently and thought that sometimes the opposite is demonstrated in our lives. We do not always control our thoughts.

Quit Smoking With Instant Self Hypnosis

A friend of mine has been a chain smoker almost all of his adult life. When his doctor diagnosed him with a certain type of infection in the lungs which was probably caused by his smoking habit, he decided that it was about time that he quit smoking.

Tips on How to Hypnotize People For Free

Since a lot of people do not have the resources to seek the help of a professional hypnotherapist they look for ways of how to hypnotize people for free. The great thing is there is a lot of free information available on hypnosis.

The Process of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is said to be a very successful form of treatment nowadays. A lot of people use hypnosis so that they can feel relaxed or in order to help them with their troubles.

Investigating Hypnosis Induction Techniques

Not all hypnosis induction techniques are the same for every hypnotherapist. As time passes by, there are new techniques that are being tried.

Hypnosis and Smoking – How to Quit For Good

A lot methods to quit smoking have been published on the Internet. Methods range from buying patches, consulting a doctor or just simply refusing to smoke. But one method in particular is said to be the most effective which is hypnosis.

How to Hypnotize Someone While They Are Asleep

Me and a couple of friends have debated on the question is it possible to learn how to hypnotize someone while they are asleep? I believe the answer to that question depends on several factors.

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