Warning: Hand Hypnosis video will make you fall asleep very quickly. Insomnia Cure ASMR

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This video was originally made in 2005 as a visual experimental, paving ways for more advanced videos. We are very lucky to have to Hypnotist Julie working with us for this series. Just stare at the center of the spiral and anyone will fall asleep very quickly. If you are suffering from insomnia watch this video. Share this video if you know anyone who need help going sleep.

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Subliminal Learning is the Future

An introduction to the growing method of personal development that is subliminal learning. Find out what it is and how it can help you here.

The Shocking Truth About Hypnotic Mind Control – How to Make Sure it Will Work!

Learn the shocking truth about how to hypnotize someone and make sure it will work for you. The secret is so devastatingly simple you will be stunned. Unlock this secret and make anyone do what you want. Guaranteed!

Celebrities Using Subliminal Messages

Celebrity endorsement such as Tony Robbins using them, Stephen Spielberg too, even Tiger Woods has led to a huge rise in the popularity of subliminal messages. Learn what it is and how you can use it to achieve success too.

Using Conversational Hypnosis to Up Your Sales Figures

If you work in sales then you’re probably well aware of the difficulties in persuading people to buy, especially at the moment in these difficult financial times. What would you say if you could significantly up your sales success rates by learning a few simple techniques to gently manipulate people into buying from you? Not only this, but you can use these same techniques to help you in all areas of your life; personal, social, work and financial.

Hypnosis Mind Control Techniques – How to Influence People to Do What We Want

One of the best hypnosis mind control techniques that I’ve learned is a secret technique called “social proof”. It’s the lifeline for most marketers and sellers in the world. It’ll act as a vital element in learning how to influence people to do what we want.

Funny State of Mind

Changing the way you think is a good thing. Creating a new you is even better!

What Are Binaural Beats and How Do They Work?

What they are in fact are engineered sound waves that have been processed as auditory artifacts to be used in the whole brainwave entrainment process. The perception of these beats is beyond normal hearing, but they have been tuned so that the brain has the stimuli necessary to actually pick up and exactly identify the frequency of the binaural beats. It was actually discovered way back in 1893, and it was researched due to the finding that the brain actually produces some sort of a low frequency pulse that is emitted via the neurons of the brain, and it was also discovered that with the use of stereo and the appropriate auditor stimuli, one was able to effect a frequency following response that would benefit the end user. The discovery was indeed beneficial in the long run.

Hypnosis Experiment – How to Think Positively in Seven Days

This is a simple hypnosis experiment that can help you to think positively. It is easy to do and does not require any prior knowledge of hypnosis, and anyone can do it and avail its benefits.

Subliminal Seduction – Bend Them to Your Will

In the game of love, all of us are not born equal and some might have much better luck than the rest. The thing about this is that there are many tools to be played in the game of seduction – they can come in the form of tangible things like good looks, or money, or a certain feature that appeals to other people.

Hypnosis Training is Yesterday’s News

When you think about hypnosis, there are many things that come to mind and you actually might think that some hypnosis training is really a good idea. What was a good idea, is something that has caught on to the bad news bug and is viewed by most mind experts as something outdated and a child of the earlier generation.

Just What is Hypnosis Used For?

Many people out there do not believe in hypnosis. Hundreds of people believe that it is all set up as an illusion, or that the people the hypnotist is working with are actors.

What is a Subliminal Message?

You might think about hypnosis as a way to put thoughts into people’s heads, but in fact you don’t need to hypnotize people to do this. Subliminal messages are used all throughout the world to covey messages to people, even when they are awake.

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