Whispering Hypnosis for sleep with Esmeralda #ASMR Softly Spoken #hypno #hypnosis

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Hypnosis! This video will take you into a deep sleep, it is designed to help anyone who wants a better sleep experience. All you have to do is follow the sound of Esmeralda Ramirez’s voice, relax, and let your mind drift. The key to this experience is not to try to go into hypnosis, don’t *try* to go to sleep. Just let it happen, and it will happen automatically, naturally, and effortlessly. Enjoy!

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4 girls hypnotize you to sleep with Melanie

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You too can learn hypnosis! Find out more on our website


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3 Girls Hypnotized

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Covert Hypnosis – The Hidden Hypnosis

Covert hypnotism is the use of basic hypnotism ideas in normal conversation. Many a great salesman or politician owe their success to covert hypnotism. Whether they know it or not they are following these steps. They get the person they are speaking to relaxed.

How to Use Hypnosis to Stop Chocolate Addiction

From a young age we are brought up to know that chocolate is the flavor of cake, pudding, ice cream and candy. We associate the chocolate with good times in our lives when we were happy or celebrating. When we become sad or depressed later in life, some people turn to chocolate for those same consoling feelings.

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If you’ve ever had a toothache that simply will not go away, you know how maddening it can be to live with constant pain. Many people suffer with chronic pain in the back, neck, legs and wrists, and have no relief simply because they don’t want to try addictive pain medicines and they can’t take any time off work to rest their bodies.

An “Incurable” Phobia

This article aims at inspiring both therapists and people “suffering” from a phobia or any other issue for that matter. I believe that people cannot have depression, people can behave depressingly; people cannot have anorexia, people can eat disorderly; people cannot have a phobia, people can behave fearfully etc.

What Every Client of Hypnotherapy Needs to Know

Hypnotherapy is effective, short term, and very result oriented. When you choose your practitioner, make sure he or she is well-trained and qualified to support you in safely and ethically getting the results you want and need. The following are guidelines for potential hypnotherapy clients to consider before getting started.

Simple Self Hypnosis For Success

Most people want to be more successful in some way. Money, love, sports or just life in general. Getting your unconscious mind working for you greatly improves your chance of succeeding. Self hypnosis is quick and easy to do for a few minutes each day.

Hypnosis – Not Magic But Offers Magical Results

The most common imagery of hypnotism that we have is that of a guy wearing a long black coat, dangling a pocket watch on top of the head of a young boy or girl, seated on a chair. Soon the ‘hypnotized’ boy or girl either falls asleep or mumbles some incoherent words. The scene ends with most members of the audience going into splits of laughter. Fortunately, hypnosis is much more than such magic tricks…

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