Your Personal Year For 2021

As we turn the page to a New Year, even without resolutions, there is a pull of profound energy shift that all of us feel. Every New Year comes changes to aspects of your life.

Embrace them; after all, change is always good. #ManifestationMagic

#ShiftYourEnergy #EmbraceChange


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How to Identify Good Hypnosis Scripts From Bad

In the same manner that a carpenter has his tools, a doctor has his instruments and scientists have their laboratories, hypnotists and hypnotherapists need their hypnosis scripts to be able to do their job well. There is nothing wrong with using hypnosis scripts. In fact, these are actually carefully considered suggestions, words and phrases that have been designed to make the patient fall into a hypnotic state. However, the greater effect that these hypnotic scripts hope to produce is a positive life change for the patient.

NLP and Lie Detecting

I Can Smell Somebody’s Pants Burning… Recent TV Shows, movies, books and even full on, real life Police Officers have claimed to have been training in the special NLP techniques for “reading people’s eyes” and being able to detect truth BUT, it’s all but a bunch of lies.

Personal Development: A Brief Introduction to and History of NLP

What is the nature of reality? What is my relationship to the universe? How can I improve myself? Learn about the nature and strange history of NLP, a paradigm that offers surprising answers to these and other fundamental life questions.

Hypnosis Therapy – What Are the Benefits of Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is defined by experts as bringing patients into an immense state of awareness. This is achieved by mental focus and suggestions by a licensed practitioner. This therapy is a branch of counseling, it is widely studied by grief counselors, plus it taps into the subconscious mind.

They Didn’t Think I Could Develop a Hypnotic Voice, But I Did

Is it really possible to develop a hypnotic voice in just minutes a day? Keep reading to find out…

Communicating With Different Primary Rep Systems

One of the best-known pieces of NLP is the body of work around sensory preferences, known in the jargon as Primary Rep Systems – your primary rep system being the one you use most often. It’s often very entertaining to work out the preferences of people you interact with every day because you begin to appreciate why they do some of the things they do and why certain things matter to particular individuals. Some people are content with that insight.

Weight Loss With Hypnosis Made Simple

Obesity is increasing at a rapid rate all over the world, and has become one of the biggest challenges for those living in urban areas. People try all sorts of things, mostly physical exercises in order to shed some weight, but only a small fraction considers taking healthy foods. With time most people get used to these habits making the battle to lose weight even harder. This is where weight loss with hypnosis becomes useful, although it has not been scientifically proven to yield substantial results.

The Secret to Using Hypnotic Words to Get Your Way

A large number of people underestimate the power of their words. What such people failed to realize is that their words can be used to inspire and empower people and likewise, they can dis-empower and hurt them. Hypnotists make use of hypnotic words to alter a person’s thinking patterns positively. These words must be used in such a way as to help one to communicate with the subconscious mind and use the subconscious responses. Failure to use these words properly could yield undesirable results.

What Is Hypnosis And What Benefits Can It Provide?

People who are struggling with changing old habits often find themselves asking one question: “what is hypnosis?”. Hypnotic techniques have achieved a great degree of renown thanks to various stage acts and television personalities, but many ordinary citizens still have only a rudimentary understanding of the real nature and value of this ancient process. For those who need help changing their lifestyles, it can be helpful to better understand this process.

The Best NLP Books

I remember back in spring 2006 when I first discovered the field of NLP. I was looking for something to change my life at the time, but I was not sure what it was yet. All I knew is that I needed to improve my life. I was fed up with the feeling of anxiety, depression and anger. It was then I, by a coincidence, first stumbled upon NLP. I was watching a seminar on TV and the speaker said something about how you can control your feelings with NLP. This was my first meeting with NLP. However, before change occurred I was disappointed, again. Let me explain..

Interesting Facts About Weight Loss Hypnosis

There are many ways of losing weight, ranging from dieting to the extreme measure of surgery. If you have an interest in the art of hypnosis then weight loss hypnosis might be a route for you to use. Hypnotherapy may be used to prevent you from doing something e.g. Smoking but it can also be used to alter your habits.

Learning To Listen Hypnotically To Enhance Your Relationships

This article shows you a technique of how to use hypnosis and mental imagery to help develop and enhance your listening skills. The way it is developed is with the specific aim of enhancing your relationships. Enjoy using this and watching your relationships flourish.

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